No. 55

Spokane, WA

15 May 2003  3:27 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

          Thus saith the Lord you God; It is my will that all you who call yourselves by my name take heed to my words that you do them.

I have long awaited the day when my covenant children would turn their backs on the world and take up their crosses and follow me.  You take up your crosses when you take up that work among the children of men that lead them to me and to eternal life.  This is the stewardship that I require of all mine Elect.

You are mine Elect if you this day will hear my voice.  I, who speak to thee this day am the Father and I am the Son; For I sent the word of my power into the world and my word became flesh and dwelt with the sons of man and my creations did what they listed unto him, but in their anger and the lusts of their hearts, they could not destroy him who has gone forth from eternity.  If you will hear my word today turn away from the world and seek my Kingdom, for the world shall pass away and all things therein, but my Kingdom endureth forever.

Seek my will for your stewardships by prayer and fasting having faith that I will not withhold spiritual food for all who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

I have called upon you who call yourselves by my name to prove yourselves whether you will serve or forbear.

I have awakened my servant, Nolan, from a deep sleep that kept him bound to the world and it’s values to bring you my will and I call upon each of my Saints to awake for the world has enticed many to turn away and follow me no more.

Confusion is not of me, but of the adversary of all good.  Let not the evil one mislead nor discourage you.  He has desired to wear out the patience of my children to bring them to despair.  Let not confusion reign over your minds.  I have given you my word countless times through all generations and if you will weigh all things by my eternal word you will not be misled.

All who would serve me must humble themselves and not desire to be an authority unto themselves for I have given my ministers to teach my words and not the mind of man.  My ways are not the ways of men and if ye would seek to enter into my presence and my rest, you must do those things I have asked of you.  Keep my commandments, come out of the world, establish my Kingdom as I have commanded you, be not tossed to and fro by the babblings of a dying world.  Wickedness shall not prevail over those who will seek my sanctification, but be not deceived, righteousness and sin cannot abide together in my Saints for they are at enmity one with another and one will destroy the other.

The Son of Man overcame the world and the things of the flesh and calls upon you to follow in His footsteps.

Try me, saith your Lord, for I am mighty to save and I will make the foulest clean if they will hear my voice and turn away from their wicked ways.

Seek me while it is yet day for the night cometh when the time for labor is finished.

It is my will that you overcome that I may, when I call, take you to my bosom.  Blessed are all who hear my words and do them.  Amen