No. 56

Sibley, Missouri

7 June 2003  4:25 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner


 This revelation was received and was counsel for the Elders meeting at Tarkio, Missouri.  I was awakened by what I heard as a ring on the phone but I soon realized that had not really rung. I was told to write.

Blessed are all who hear my call and follow in the footsteps of my Son.  I am Alpha and Omega and there is not one soul that shall not bow the knee to me.

Come unto me, my children, and I will nourish you with words of truth and righteousness.  How long will ye tarry in sin and darkness of mind?  I have blessings in my hand to bestow upon you.  How long will I stand awaiting your return to your Father’s house?

I have called upon all alike, both Jew and Gentile to come unto me and repent of all your evil ways.  It is my great desire to provide a cleansing for you and to provide you with a clean white robe and embrace you.  Cast off all your idle thoughts and turn your minds and hearts to me and to my Kingdom.  I will pour out unto you great stores of knowledge and wisdom.  Cease your idle chatter and discern the times you are living in.  Wickedness shall not prevail in the earth for I have decreed it.  My righteousness shall go forth from a people well prepared to gather mine Elect into the places I have designated.

You who read my words today are invited to the great supper.  Leave all light mindedness and follow my Son.  I give this counsel to those who still desire to look back to the world, not unto those who are firmly upon the pathway to righteousness.

To my Elders who are gathering at Tarkio to study out in your minds my requirements for my people to be tithed; my temporal law has not been obeyed by those calling themselves by my name.  When I called again to my servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., to give my law to my people, they rebelled against it.  They were not willing to impart of those blessings I bestowed upon them so that there would be food in my house.  I withdrew my law of total consecration from among them lest I cast them off forever and gave them a lesser law that they could abide.  It is my will that total consecration shall come with much preparation of my Saints and will be required when I begin building up Zion in power.  Until that time you are to follow that law given in my counsel to dedicate a tithe of all as a beginning of obedience, then one tenth of your increase annually.  As my patriarchs partook of the flock for food and remnant and bartered the flock for corn, wine and oil, so shall ye take of your labors for food and all necessary things.  But remember this, my ancient faithful ones led austere lives without great extravagance even though they possessed wealth.

Follow their example and offer up unto me a tithe of your gain from year to year.  Show yourselves as wise stewards over all things in which I have placed in your care.  Be not extravagant, but let your just wants be subordinated to good conscience.  Do all with prayer and thanksgiving and I will accept your offerings.

I have and will appoint Bishops to assist you in your temporal stewardship responsibilities.  And through my Aaronic order my people shall be taught the fine points of their temporal responsibilities.

Seek me early, my children, and I will hear your prayers and fill you with knowledge and wisdom from on high.  Seek the good will of my Son that he be not angry with you when he comes.  Let love abound one for another and I will be in your midst.  Amen.