No. 57

Sibley, Missouri

14 June 2003  5:28 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Harken unto the voice of your redeemer and I will grant unto you my will.

You have asked many  things of me and have I not provided for all your needs?   I bless all who seek with all their abilities to serve me.  What?  You think your service is weak and feeble?  Judge not even yourselves, for my ways are above your ways and I look upon mankind with the love and compassion of a patient father.  I nurture all my children who are struggling to conform to my will and I will accept your offerings if you will, with love, dedicate your efforts unto my righteous cause.

Take courage for I am with you to strengthen you and to assure you of an eternal future in my presence, even life everlasting for all who will allow me to lead them into the pathway that leadeth to my throne and who do not turn back or aside to the beggarly things of this world.

My little remnant is suffering an onslaught of attacks from my old enemy and the enemy of all righteousness.  The evil one is raging in the hearts of men and will destroy the souls of all who will fall into his snare. Call upon me when you are attacked and I will cast out the evil impulse and protect all that are my own.   Let him not distract nor deceive you, for he will attempt to destroy all your efforts to establish and build up my church.  Call upon me when you are in doubts about which way to move my church forward and I will guide you on a sure and true path.  Seek not your guidance from a troubled world saith your Lord, but come unto me and I will not withhold my counsel from you.

If you will be established upon my rock, seek my will in all things that impact my church.   You have often desired me to expressly command you in your search for the way you should go.  Although I know the perfect way you should proceed, I have to allow you to grow into the callings I have bestowed upon you.  If you seek my will with faith that you will receive, I will lead you into the right decisions, but the final acceptance of my will must be yours to make.  Know you not that this is the way I have ordained for my children to grow in truth and righteousness?

Continue to work toward unity in bringing further order in my church and if there are those who will not respond to the promptings of my Spirit and allow the natural man to dominate their minds, I say unto them, repent and seek your Fathers counsel.  The streets and byways cannot answer your questions nor release you of your doubts.

Look not to the world for my kingdom, for my kingdom is not of this world.  My kingdom is made up of those of a pure heart and clean hands.  If you, my little band of faithful ones will persevere, you shall see my kingdom and it will fill you with great joy.  For my kingdom shall be of this earth as it is in the heavens in every sphere in which my word and truth are known and revered.

Call on me and come near and my blessings shall fill you with great joy, and my protecting care shall look over you.  Amen