No. 58

Sibley, Missouri

30 June 2003  12:42 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Awaken your soul that I may instruct you with my will.  I have come unto you that you may gain knowledge about me and my kingdom.

You have thought in your mind that my words that I have given were sufficient for instruction to build up my kingdom, but I say unto you there is no end to my words or my works.  Take heed to what I am about to reveal unto you

There are yet many ordinances that shall come forth unto the children of men when they are ready and prepared to receive them.  The world has said, enough, enough, for the world cannot withstand sound doctrine.

I say unto you prepare to receive and I will deliver unto you the mysteries of heaven.  Think not that you have received all that I desire to give unto you.  Know you not that my works go on eternally and not even a small portion of my record is known to the children of men.  Those Elders who are after the order of my Son are given the keys of the knowledge of Heaven, but without faith to receive my truths are withheld.

I say unto you that this earth upon which ye stand shall be transfigured and my glory shall rest upon it and my presence shall visit the earth to bless the righteous whom I shall preserve out of this my creation.  But this will not happen until the earth is cleansed of all unrighteousness and I have sent my Son to build up my kingdom and to perfect my children.

All these things shall come to pass and mine elect shall be gathered to Zion and to Jerusalem.

Prepare ye for the bridegroom for he cometh whose right it is to reign. I have commanded you to stand in holy places and how shall they be holy if they are not sanctified? And how shall you stand in them if you are not sanctified?

Come ye out of her my people.  Come out of Babylon and shake off your garments against her for her inhabitants have been numbered and have been found wanting.  Be not partakers of her sins for they bring death to the souls of men.

Awake my children to the awful truth you must face concerning this world.  My indignation has arisen in my face and my fury shall go before me to subdue all workers of iniquity.  Seek not to pardon the workers of iniquity, for their cup of perversions is full to the brim and I do judge them.

I have called upon you all the day long to gather and to build up my kingdom yet many still sleep on.  How can I then hold you unaccountable?  When will you who call yourselves by my name repent and turn away from the world?  I have said do not procrastinate your salvation.  I now say do not procrastinate and lose your reward for the work I desire at your hands.

I will forbear but a little longer and the time shall have passed for many to cast in their sickles to reap rewards in my kingdom.

Seek out your part from me and seek it with all your hearts and I will give it unto you.  I come quickly and my reward is with me.  Amen