No. 59

Sibley, Missouri

8 July 2003  4:47 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   I have called on thee to impart unto you my word.  You have sought my will concerning my church and people.  I take pleasure in giving my counsel to those who ask of me with a humble and sincere heart.  I am found by all those who seek me.

You live in a time of great anxiety and of perplexity of nations.  Know that all this must come to pass before the end come for it is my will to try the nations of the earth that my people who I have scattered because of their unbelief will come to a realization of their awful state and return unto me. I have placed my blessings upon the head of Jacob but Essau have I cursed.  All those who would sell their birthright for that which perisheth are not worthy of my blessing.  Edom shall be destroyed and will not have power to vex my people any longer.  I have decreed it and so shall it come to pass.  Look once and look twice and it is no more.  My wrath is kindled against all who rebel against me saith the Lord.  I have extended my arm unto all nations and have been rejected.  The love of the many has waxed cold and the cause of redemption has become a burden unto them.  Woe unto all who consider the sacrifice made by my Son a burden; for he is the Rock of Salvation and the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel.  He shall triumph over all his enemies and they shall vanish like unto a night vision and when one awakens they are no more.

All you who are heavy laden by the cares of the world cast off all fetters and cling to my Son that ye perish not when my indignation is poured out without measure.  Stand in Holy places you who have made a covenant by sacrifice.  Seek not to turn back to look upon that which has been judged by my righteous judge.  Perish not with the ungodly who pervert all my ways and standeth in the broadways mocking all righteousness.  Their sin has reached to the courts of Heaven and their perversions can only be cleansed by fire.

Come out of her, come out that ye be not partakers of her judgments. Gather yourselves together you who have not made a covenant with death.  Call your solemn assemblies and consecrate your homes and places of worship.  Call upon my Son with full purpose of heart that my destroying angels might pass over you as in the days I led my people out of Egypt.

Do not say all is well in Zion for there remains a judgment to be meted out at the House of God, and out of the house of my inheritance who shall stand?

I have promised refuge to my Holy ones and my word is sure.  I have many who have not bowed their knees to vanity and have humbled themselves before me.  I will save all my own.

Seek to make yourselves approved and I will accept your offerings of a broken heart and a contrite Spirit.  Stand in Holy places my people and I will suddenly come unto my own.  Amen