No. 6

Sibley Missouri
July 25, 2000, 3:30 A.M.
Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Nolan, my son, write the things I give you for the guidance you have asked of me.
It is yet a little while and all will be accomplished. You have need to know that it is time to begin your preparation to bring about much restoration to my people. Many have desired to see this day and could not.
I have given you of my Seventy the responsibility of once again calling my true followers together. For I say unto you, my works shall not be frustrated nor shall my words come to naught. It is my will that you continue to supplicate me in prayer and fasting in preparation for those things that I must bring forth through your hands.
Continue to communicate with those who have been driven out of my church, but let not your hearts be deceived. Not all are worthy to serve me. I will in time give you that degree of my Spirit to enable you to discern who are mine Elect and who are not.
Remain faithful in all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and I will add to your faith those things which are expedient for you to enable you to accomplish my purposes. It is yet a little while and Zion shall flourish, but before that time much preparation must take place.
You of my Seventy, if you will remain faithful, shall share in this great work. The longings of my Saints have come up to my ears; their longings to have part in the preparation of Zion. I have recorded this longing and prayers of my Saints and their desires do not go unheeded.
I will reveal to you the time for calling my Saints to rally to my cause. Be prepared to provide for those things I will call upon you to do in my name. For my sons, the task on earth falls upon you now, but be comforted and know, it is I who call you to the work. And it is I who will gird you up and give you those things which are necessary to fulfill your callings.
Keep yourselves from all things that do not edify, from all things that are impure. Keep yourselves from the thoughts that I have abandoned you. I will never leave you if you continue to draw close to me. My love for you has not diminished. Stay steadfast and persevere in the work that you are called to continue and to bring forth. If you obey my voice you will accomplish all things I desire of you and I will make your reward sure.
Continue in faith and I will be able to bring about my work through you. Fear not my sons, it is my good will to give you the Kingdom. Amen