No. 60

Sibley, Missouri

27 July 2003 4:20 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

I was awakened and instructed to write.  I was prompted to ask the Lord questions that were on my mind and reminded of the instructions given by Joseph Smith Jr., on receiving prophecy when he was instructing Oliver Cowdery. Sec. 9 D&C 1829

    I formed the question in my mind, “Why is it so difficult for people to commit their lives to Christ and to the work of his church?  I also asked, “Are our preparations for the August Conference adequate?”  And I received this in answer.

Distractions are not of me, saith your Lord; and many excuse themselves from serving me by substituting lesser priorities for those of eternal value.  Therefore I have said unto my people, seek ye this day whom ye will serve.  You cannot serve two masters and many are not willing to make the decision to leave one and serve the other with total commitment.

Consider your final destiny.  If mankind refuses to commit to me now while the opportunity is a present choice, how can they enter into my presence with a double mind?  Whosoever is not willing to give up all for my sake is not worthy of me.  Those who allow their minds to grant loyalty to the world and yet a part of their minds want my kingdom, cannot accomplish my purposes.  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.  Be ye either hot or cold, for the lukewarm and the rebellious I will spew out of my mouth.

My judgment shall not fail and no one can enter the kingdom but by me.

If you who profess me are not willing to commit your lives to serving my lost children who are wondering in sin, you shall receive your wages from, “He who is in the world.”

Cast off, my people this indecision.  Turn to me with all your might mind and strength and your offerings will be acceptable in my sight.  This world and it’s enticements are but for a little while and will perish like a summer night dream, when one awakens and finds reality.  Cast off the shackles that bind you to a dying world.  I am the Ark of your salvation, no other can save you nor shall there be any other appointed.  Enlist your lives in preparation for my return and your reward shall not be taken from you.

I will yet build up Zion and the City New Jerusalem shall be prepared and shall not be moved out of her place.  Seek your part in my kingdom and I will reveal my plan for you.  There is much to be accomplished and most are hesitating to cast in their sickles to reap.   Blessed are all those who hear my words and do them.

To those who will gather at Tarkio I say; Fear not, little flock, I am with you and will go before you and prepare the way for you to accomplish all that you have prepared to accomplish.  Your efforts have been recorded and are acceptable, but much is yet to be accomplished in preparation for that which is soon to come upon the earth.  Do not hesitate to take your part in bringing forth my work, for although it may seem to be insignificant, I say unto you, all the righteous acts of my Saints are precious in my sight.

Continue in all good works.  Continue to prepare for those things that I have caused to be written by my prophets.  Keep yourselves unspotted by the world, and do not let the enticements of the world and the Adversary separate you from my love.  Amen