No. 62

Sibley, Missouri

26 August 2003  4:59 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   I was awakened and told to, “Write what I command you and you are justified.”

Hear me and I will instruct you in the things you must do.  Seek me early all you who desire to come into my presence.  I will grant you your desires if you will seek me with all your being.  I am not far away from you, but a covering and veil of unbelief separates me from the eyes of sinful men.  I have desired that my children return unto me even from the beginning of their separation, but many refuse my counsel.

If you will see my face then accept my counsel to purge yourselves of all unrighteousness.  Establish my law in your inward parts and walk in my law always.  This is the pathway that leads to my kingdom and there is no other.  Allow my Spirit to light the dark recesses within you and I will cleanse you that your offerings may be acceptable unto me.

And now, I say you are clean, but not all.  This world has refused me and are turned away into strange paths that lead only to destruction.  Many have been enticed to follow the wide pathway that leadeth to destruction.

That great and abominable church still celebrates unrighteousness and parades her abominations through the streets of the nations.

The earth groans under the weight of sin and seeks to be cleansed that righteousness might abide upon her face.

I will heed her complaint and will avenge those who have been persecuted and martyred for my names sake.

Know that all these things must come upon the earth to separate the righteous from the wicked.

Fear not my little flock when you see the tribulations that must come, for I am with you and will not allow you to be overcome if you will keep my commandments.

I will justify you through the precious blood that was willingly given as an offering for your sins.  My Son has paid the price of your redemption.  Accept his offering and you are justified.

Walk in the light my children.  Amen