No. 63

Sibley, Missouri

2 October 2003  3:30 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Be of good cheer my son, for all things worketh for good for those who love God.  You have followed my counsel, but still have despaired.  I have not deserted my cause and I do not forget the promises I have made to the sons of men.  My word is sure and all that proceeds forth from my mouth shall be fulfilled.

Look and see, for many of my words are being fulfilled in your day and time.  As you study those words that I have caused to be written you will come to the understanding that these are the latter days.  Time is short that work might be done, but my arm is not shortened that I cannot save my people.  I know the end from the beginning and I am not caught unaware.  The outcome of my vineyard has been a present reality to me throughout your ages yet I have not used force to obtain this outcome.

Zion shall be saved and come forth from all my creations, a people of beauty of which I can extend my grace and blessings.   Fear not for I am able to bring to birth that which I have proclaimed from ancient times.  The pains of labor for Zion shall cease and the birth shall be glorious.  Joy for sorrow shall be my reward for all my faithful children.

Seek not to find my cause in the tumult of the nations.  They are blinded by deceit and greed and have closed their eyes to my truth and counsel.  They have taken for their guide crafty men who are full of mischief who seek to lure all men to follow their deceiving ways.  I will contend against the nations that have turned away from me and will judge them with a just judgment.  They shall receive the recompense of all their works.

The weak and poor of the earth shall walk triumphantly over that which remains.  My kingdom shall be empowered as with a shout when the time has been fulfilled for my Spirit to be poured out on all flesh.

Turn your eyes to the heavens, my children, and seek me where I can be found.  When you look up and seek me with all your mind, might and strength I will hear you and will open the way for your longing for Zion to be accomplished.  You must desire this with all your strength if you will be with those faithful ones who will be privileged to participate in building up my kingdom.

I have called forth my workers to go into my vineyard for the last time and the eleventh hour is passing.  You who bear the vessels of the Lord take heed in how you conduct your lives.  I would have you accept your charge to represent my Son to my people.  I would have you stand boldly and speak out against the evils of this latter day that all might be warned of the destruction that is to come.

My ways have not changed and I am the same God that led my people Israel across Jordan into Canaan.  I am He who judged Canaan for their abominations even all that drew breath.  I create, I judge, and I purge the threshing floor for abominations shall not stand.  The earth is mine and the fullness thereof and what has become of my vineyard?  Strange vines and briars have sprung up to encumber my young and tender plants.  I will prune my vineyard with a strong and willful hand and will save that which has the promise of fruit, but that which encumbers shall be hewn down and cast into the fire.  All dead branches of my plant of renown shall also be removed and cast into the fire.

Stand in holy places, my children, and seek me in fasting and in prayer.  Walk in that freedom I have given you and the shackles of the evil one shall not come near you.  Be of good cheer.  I am greater than he who is in the world.  Amen.