No. 64

Ivy Bend, Missouri

5 October 2003  3:30 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Thus saith the Lord to my children at Ivy Bend.  I have heard your prayers, continue in faith and they shall be answered.

I have called upon the wise and wealthy to follow me and to build up my  church but they have refused me.  I now turn my hand to the meek and lowly, the poor who have sought me out of great need.  Only those who seek me with great desire to serve me are worthy to take part in my work.

I have a work for each of you to perform and you will choose to either perform that work or forbear.      Choose me and my work saith your Lord and I will record in heaven your work.

Time is drawing to a close.  It is not for you to know when all things that I have prepared shall be finished but I say unto you, be prepared for my coming will overtake many unaware and many shall be found wanting in that day.

You have been warned to be about the work of righteousness and preparation for my coming.  Seek to gain a greater understanding of my gospel principles and how you can make them a part of your life.  You have started on the way, but starting is not the journey and you have much to learn and implement in your lives.

Be ye clean, every whit, and cease to excuse yourselves for infractions of my commandments, for with every temptation, I will give you a way to exercise your will and escape.  Refuse all evil and do not keep company with those who would destroy your souls.

I am God and I see your every intention and action.  My eye is not dimmed for I age not and I am not blind to the actions of my children.  My Spirit is striving with each one of you who has come here today, but take heed to what I say unto you.   My Spirit will not always strive with mankind and I have given you free will to choose between right and wrong, good and evil; to choose me your Heavenly Father or Satan who would lead your soul into everlasting darkness and destruction.  I put before you life, and I put before you death, for to follow evil and Satan bringeth death to your souls.  I desire you to choose me for I am the God that gives you life and if you follow and keep my commandments a life that is eternal.

Think not that you can disregard my words and prosper.  I have sent my servant to you to tell you these things, hear him and make a commitment in your life to come out of the world that you escape that portion that is reserved for the wicked who refuse to hear my voice.

Those of my priesthood who speak by the promptings of my Spirit speak words of life and truth.  Heed them, my children and live and prosper, for it is out of great love for you that I seek your redemption from a troubled rebellious world.  Amen