No. 65

Sibley, Missouri

23 November 2003

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

       Thus saith the Spirit unto all who will hear.  Call upon me while I am near, for the day is coming when mine anger shall rise up in my face and fierce anger shall go before me to the utter destruction of the wicked.  Go ye out from among them, my people and be not partakers of their judgments.  I have called and called again and my children continue to sleep on.  Awake, awake, my children to the dangers that would destroy you.  Many have been lulled to sleep by the adversary and some refuse to awaken, for their dreams are pleasant but deceptive.  But come, and renounce the sleep of death, awaken and live.  Your covenant with death shall not stand.

You have been bought with a price and I will gird you up to overcome all that would destroy you.  Shake off the shackles that bind you and come out unto the bright sunlight of my favor.

Walk in light and truth and I will endow you with power from on high.  Seek not your own will but seek to establish righteousness, even the cause of Zion; that preparations might begin for my people to gather as I have commanded them.  Be diligent and deliberate in your preparation and I will go before you and prepare all things that your pathway may be smooth.

Seek to re-establish all things as at first and you shall succeed in mine own due time.   Be not discouraged, but press on toward the goal and you will witness my power in your midst.  It is my will that you succeed in the work I have given you to accomplish.  Do not move before you are commanded and do not hesitate after you are commanded and all will be accomplished.

I have called you, my little flock, to be diligent in bringing forth my purposes on earth.  See that you strive with all your might, mind and strength to accomplish my purposes and you will be justified.  Amen