No. 66

Ivy Bend Missouri

27 November 2003  7:30 AM

Thanksgiving Day

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

      Rejoice in all that I have provided for you.  I have prepared a feast for you.  Come and sit at my table.  My Holy Spirit is in your midst and the time shall come that I will come unto my own and will sup with you at your table.  But before that day cometh righteousness shall cover the earth as with a flood to gather out mine elect and the wicked shall refuse my warning to repent and will be marked for destruction.

My word and my mercy is to all who will hear my voice.  Those who refuse to repent of their wickedness and continue to rebel against my word which is eternal truth shall reap the reward of the rebellious.

Come unto me my children and know that hollow words of Lord, Lord is not salvation, but those who hear me and do my will are righteous.

Seek repentance with all your soul and if you seek it calling upon my Holy Spirit in faith I will grant it unto you, but be not deceived in thinking you can return to your wicked ways to continue in sin and be saved in my kingdom.  Be steadfast in your resolve and I will accept your offering.

Those who will not accept my commandment to repent and be clean before me will suffer the requirements of justice.  If you refuse to accept the sacrifice made for you there is no covering or forgiveness of your sins and justice shall not be robbed of its due.

I have given all my children the way and only way to escape from the wrath I have proclaimed shall be poured out upon an unbelieving world.  If you today will hear my voice, accept the gift of life eternal that I desire to give you.  Come out of the world and be of one heart and one mind and come unto me and I will give you rest.

My love for each of you has not diminished.  I desire all my children to come and drink of the waters of life freely.

I present unto you life and I present unto you death.  Life if you will be counted among the righteous that will cover the earth as with a flood to gather out my faithful, and death to all who refuse my blessings offered through the sacrifice on the cross for all mankind.

Choose ye the path ye will trod for there is no other way that I have given you.  My love for you and my blessings I extend to you.  Seek me where I can be found.    Amen