No. 67

Sibley, Missouri

24 December 2003

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

      Behold the heavens and stand in awe for you are seeing only a small part of my creations.  My curtains stretch out throughout eternity and there is no end to my creations nor to my glory.

The earth upon which ye stand was also created to bring forth unto me a harvest of souls worthy of the love I expressed for them in the day that I created them.

It is my desire and will that my children respond to my love in ways that will build up faith in my righteous purposes and extend my love to all that they might turn away from the evil of the world and serve me and my purposes.

As you view the heavens and reason their extent, you will come to the understanding that my creations are endless.  I have also created my children to be inheritors of eternity possessing the gift of eternal life.  The limits I have placed upon your mortal life is not a punishment but my blessing to you that you may have a space of time to work out your salvation and prepare to abide a kingdom of glory.  The quality of your labor and discipline of your spirit shall be weighed at the time of judgment.  Bring forth work that is worthy and submit your spirit to the laws of my kingdom and I will grant you an inheritance that shall endure throughout eternity never to be removed from you.   I will hasten my work in its time that my word might go forth to gather out mine elect from the four quarters of the world.

Peace has been taken from the world and the world stands in fear of great judgments.  It is the sinfulness of the world that brings this great fear.  Respond to my love, my children and your love will cast out all fears.  Walk in righteousness and harsh judgment will not come near you.  If you have my love to be in you, you have the keys to my peace  which the world does not know.

My work of the gathering and the kingdom must go forth upon the earth, but my people are not ready.  Many have become content and have made concessions with the ways of the world.  They are like the unwise virgins who would not prepare for the coming of the bridegroom and if they do not repent will find themselves without oil for their lamps when the bridegroom cometh.    Think not my children that you can procrastinate and remain numbered among my people, for only those who prepare shall sit down with me in my kingdom.

Wait and see!  has become the watch word of many of my people, and the time for them to take part in my work shall pass them by and their inheritance given to others who are worthy of the gift.  The time I have set for this world is rapidly passing and all that has been proclaimed shall come to pass.    Study my word that has gone forth from my lips and place these words in your hearts that ye may profit there by and know what you must do to receive that which I desire to bestow upon you.  Even the rich mercies of David.

Seek out your part in my eternal plan and fulfill your lives by following the teachings of my Son who redeemed you.  Cast away all your idle thoughts and spend not your days in pursuing that which does not bring eternal blessings; but turn unto me with all your might mind and strength and I will strengthen you to the task before you which I have reserved for each of you and which I will reveal unto you when you begin to respond.      Come out of Babylon my children.  Amen