No. 68

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

7 January 2004

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

    Hear me, my son and I will instruct thee.  Fear not what the world can do unto you, for I am with you and none can take from me what is mine.  Your prayers have been heard and are like the sweet smelling ointment that covered the head of Aaron ran down his beard and touched the hem of his garment.  Do not be afraid and call upon me always in your time of need and I will be ever near you.  The terrors of Judas shall not come near you nor disturb your rest.  Your sins are not unto death and have been remitted.  Accept the freedom I have given you.  Times now are portentous, and my words must seek fulfillment.

All have gone out of the way and none seek the grace that I desire to bestow upon them, grace that brings peace and joy without bounds.  But I search the hearts of all men and am able to do mine own work and through the mercies of mine only begotten I shall save those who confess him with unfeigned tongues.

It has been my desire to bring forth a people worthy of the sacrifice of my Son, yet darkness covers the face of the earth and my children desire to go in directions that have no purpose in me.  My shepherds are not calling my scattered sheep back to the fold, but are become likened to the false shepherds that flee when the wolves enter into the flock.  My son, refuse this pathway and cling to the old and tried ways.  If you will do this you will not be disappointed when the times for refreshing shall come.

I have proclaimed from on high that which was from the beginning and I have given to my servant, John an account of the end.  Search out these words of John and see that my words are unfolding in your day and time, but be not afraid for know that all these things must come to pass before the end come.

Great and dreadful shall be the day of the Lord.  Fear shall come upon every heart, but my righteousness shall cover the fears of those who love me and who have not hardened their hearts against the poor and downtrodden.

Gross darkness covereth the earth and Satan stireth up the hearts and minds of men to contend unto their destruction.

How long shall I stay my hand to bring justice to the cries of the hungry, the widow, and orphaned?  How long shall I overlook the complacency of those I have called to gather my sheep?

When the Council of Heaven shall act, then will there be time no longer and I will come with a shout and reap down the earth.  And there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in that day.  It shall be a day of great fear and confusion and who will be able to stand?  Seek to come apart from them -O-my people that you be not partakers of their judgments, for the earth groaneth under the burden of sin and corruption.  I will not hold my peace forever saith your Lord.

I counsel all who will hear my voice, stand in holy  places, cleanse your hands and feet of the blood and sins of this generation, for the day cometh and is soon at hand that shall burn as an oven and all that do wickedly shall be consumed.  Stand in holy places, my children and I will shield you from my wrath and enfold you as a hen enfoldeth her chicks until the plague hath gone past.  Fear not, you who have committed your lives to mine only begotten.  Amen