No. 69

Sibley, Missouri

 March 3, 2004  3:37 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Come unto me, my people if ye will receive a refreshing at my hand.  I am still able to save if you will submit to all that I have provided for you to break the chains of death and the pit.

I send forth my word to you to encourage you to greater effort in my cause.  I would have you seek with all the gifts and talents I have bestowed upon you to cast in your sickles and reap a harvest and prepare the winnowing floor that shall separate the wheat from the chaff.

My promises to you, my people, shall never fail, though often you fail me. I am God and not man that I should not perform all that I have declared unto the children of men.

All who love truth and light who turn away from sinning are mine and I will accept the efforts they have made to come near unto me.

Fear  not little flock, I am The Good Shepherd and I have not abandoned my sheep.  Draw close to me when the storm descends, and I will protect you from your fears.  Cast your cares upon me and call upon me, in your times of sorrow and I will send the Comforter to reassure you of my love for you.

Fear not to go to all who labor under a burden of sin.  Carry my word to a confused and troubled world.  I will not send you out alone but will send others to assist in the work, yea and my Holy Spirit also.

The work you are doing is acceptable at this time but the time will come, saith the Lord, that I will send you out in power.  I will provide you, my Saints with all that is necessary to accomplish my purposes.  Again I say unto you, the field is white already to harvest.  Cast in your sickles and reap.

Prepare your hearts and minds for my conference with prayer and fasting and I will be in your midst and lead you.

Trust not in the arm of the flesh for all flesh is weak.  Trust in my Spirit saith the Lord and you shall not be disappointed.

I raise a man up high and give him strength and often he forgets the source of his strength and takes glory unto himself and fails in the purpose I have called him to accomplish.  Many become disappointed and some turn away because of faith in the flesh.

Look to the heavens, my people for it is from thence cometh your salvation.  If you will trust in me I will bring you through this valley of the shadow of death into the light of eternal life.  My word does not fail nor does it return unto me void.

I know the end from the beginning and dwell in truth and righteousness.  I am not subject to the adversary.  You, my children will be disturbed by him yet a little while longer and then he will be bound and will not trouble the nations further.

Be strengthened through my Spirit, my children, and you will not fall into error.  It is my good will to embrace you and this I will do, that your joy may be full.  Amen