No. 70

Sibley, Missouri

 March 13, 2004  1:00 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

       Blessed are all who dwell in righteousness for they shall see my face and know that I am.  Come close unto me, my people and hear my voice.  Be not like unto them who seeing, see not and hearing, hear not, but open your eyes and unstop your ears and I will give you my will concerning things which are expedient for you.

I am He who spoke and all things came into being.  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Seek me early when I can be found and I will prepare you for my realms of glory.

I have given you my law and many of you whom I have called into my service have not given heed to that which I have given.

My thoughts are not idle thoughts, but all my love and efforts are brought forth for the benefit of my creations.

Seek diligently to understand that which I have caused to be written and my blessings shall attend your efforts.  Continue to seek to establish my Kingdom and the cause of righteousness and all your labors shall be recorded and blessed from on high.

Do not think that I have abandoned my purposes to magnify my name upon the earth on which you stand.

It is through your love and obedience to my laws that my Kingdom shall be realized.  Seek this path and no other and I will be with you.

My children who are of a tender age are looking to their elders for guidance and often it has not been given.  You must take the initiative in opening the doors of their needs and administer through love unto my little ones.

Be bold in your approach to the youth of my church and arm them against the temptations of the world that will come their way.

Seek to instill my words into the hearts of your children and make this a part of your goals each day.

Be not concerned about how many of my people will respond to your work at this time.  Though you might think that your efforts are not effective, I say unto you, keep striving to do that which I have given you to accomplish and the day will soon come that you will see the fruit of your labors.  Then your sorrows will be exchanged for joy and I will fill you with that grace which ye seek.

Continue to prepare for the conference and I will give you strength and light concerning those things which are upon your minds.

All who enlist in my cause and put forth all their efforts to bring forth my work shall not be ashamed when I come to claim my own.

Be of good courage, my little flock, I have overcome the world; you if you will be diligent shall also overcome.  It is my will that you win the victory in your fight for righteousness and the cause of Zion.   Amen