No. 71

Sibley, Missouri

 April 7, 2004 1:17 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

    Nolan, my son, hear me.  I am he who came unto my own and they knew me not.  I came again in the second watch and revealed my word and will to my servant who was just and true and they esteemed that which I gave him as not.  What should a just father do to those unruly children who will not obey his voice?

I say unto you, I have patiently awaited a response of commitment from my erring children yet my children are slow to respond.  I will declare unto you that I will not leave my work undone nor my word unfulfilled.

Man Of Truth is my name, and Man Of Integrity is my name, and all that I have proclaimed shall come to pass to the astonishment of many.

I have striven with man from the beginning in order to preserve a righteous seed upon the earth and though there are a few who will not bow the knee to Baal, most have departed from my word that was given for their redemption and salvation.  Yet a few remain faithful and are acknowledged by Me.  These shall be with me in my kingdom and share in my glory.

All who receive these words are commanded to prepare for the return of the Bridegroom, be willing to leave the world and take up the kingdom, for my kingdom is not of the world nor can the world see it or partake of the glory that I have bestowed upon it.  Take upon you my name, all who have made a commitment through baptism into my body, and if you will revere my name and glorify it, you shall be granted a place at my right hand.  Seek me while I can still be found and keep my words within your bosoms and eternal truth shall be your everlasting companion.

I will spare the world but for a short time longer, then mine anger and the day of recompense shall bear witness to these words that have been ignored by the many.  Woe unto all who go down into the grave without acknowledging their Creator and Father.  It would have been better if they were not born into the world; for disobedient children must suffer for their rebellious natures and I cannot glorify them if they continue to disobey me, saith the Lord.

But you my little ones, who have used your talents of singing, prayer, and administration, to you I give my blessing.  It is with great love that I gathered you to Tarkio that you might joy in my Spirit.   I gave you joy in your witness of my children born anew into my kingdom and you rejoiced in that which I gave you.

Continue to be steadfast and my help is on the way to strengthen you in faith and numbers.  Hold fast to those truths I have delivered to you and you will come forth as a mighty power in my cause.

Do not let the adversary disturb your progress as he will attempt at every opportunity to do so.  Call upon me in your times of need and I will hear you and not turn away from your call.

I am with you, my little flock and none can take you out of my guiding hand.  My blessing I give unto you.  Amen