No. 72

Sibley, Missouri

 April 10, 2004 4:31 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   All you who seek the Lord, why do you hesitate?  I am here.  All that you see bears the mark of my creation and by the power of my Spirit created I all things.  My Spirit has not withdrawn from my creations but remains and is the life giving force within all things.

Let not your hearts be troubled and be not led by the voices of confusion which is Babylon the Great.  All who seek knowledge through sooth sayers, wizards or familiar spirits will not come to an understanding of things eternal.  I have condemned those who seek word of me where that word cannot be found.  If you desire my light and perfection, accept those Oracles that I have furnished for the protection and enlightenment of my Saints.  Trust not the dark resources of confused minds, for confusion is of the world and the one who calls himself the possessor of this world.  Place not your trust in the adversary, for he was a liar from the beginning.

I have commanded you, my people to come out of Babylon and separate yourselves from a world that is enmeshed in sin and confusion.

I will separate the righteous from the profane, and gather out those who will obey my voice for those who hear and do my will are mine Elect.

How many times would I have gathered you, but you would not respond to my call.  If my people continue to disregard my words, I will withdraw my word from them, for my Spirit will not always continue with man.  I have called to you all the day long and many refuse to hear and some sleep on.

If you will be numbered with my faithful, cast off all fetters which bind and hold you back.  Seek my will by fasting and prayer.  I will not withhold my counsel from those who seek with all their hearts, might, mind and strength but think not that I will counsel you if you are not willing or desirous to accept my words.  I will not cast my eternal word upon fallow ground.  My word is as precious jewels, yet only those who can recognize the value of these jewels will leave all to possess them.

I will gather mine Elect into my garner but the chaff of my floor shall be driven before the wind, for the chaff are those who are separated from my people who are not worthy of me, saith your Lord.

Do not despair, you who I have called into my service.  You feel disappointed when you see those who you think are my children turning away from truth.  Know that my Son was rejected of the world and all but a few abandoned him to let him suffer alone as he made the eternal offering for all sin.  He came unto his own who He created and his own knew him not.  Embrace the Son and live, you who have made Him an offering for your sins for you are his offspring.

Seek to be obedient to the counsel that has been provided and I will not leave you comfortless.  I will guide all who will hear my voice into paths of righteous labor.  Be not slow to act and be not slothful you who have accepted my call.

Blessed is that man who hears my words and performs them. Amen