No. 73

Sibley, Missouri

 April 17, 2004 12:30 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   As I was preparing to leave on trip west this morning, I was given the following.

    Behold, I give unto all who will receive and enlighten all who would walk in the light.  It is with great joy that I speak to my children who seek me out.  The word has gone forth by some that I no longer speak to my children.  Be humble and hear me and I will kindle the torch that will bring light unto a darkened and wayward generation.

I have said, Will I find righteousness upon the face of the earth when I come in my power?  I have also said, I will gather the wheat to my barn and the tares shall be bundled together and cast into the fire.  I shall separate the sacred from the profane when I come and the sacred, those who have brought their humble offerings before mine alter and have come before me  with broken hearts and contrite spirits, shall be gathered to my right hand and all those who have rejected my counsel and the stewardship of service that could have been brought forth shall lift up their heads in torment, knowing they have forfeited the promises.

My love for my creations has never changed and my mercy endures forever. I would that my erring children chose mercy even that mercy I extended through mine Only Begotten Son who is full of grace and truth.  My mercy cannot shield the unrepentant and my justice shall not be robbed.  I have given my children a perfect way to not remain in sin, but there is no salvation for the unrepentant.

Come out of her my  people and turn away from her enticing ways, for she is the
Great Harlot.  Robbing my children of their calling to sanctification.

Have you not heard, no unclean thing can enter into my presence.  Turn away from the ways of the world and I will give you that strength of will that will make you victorious over sin.

My Zion even my Holy City and her Stakes shall be arrayed in sanctification and my glory shall be given her.

Prepare my people, you who have called yourselves by my name. Prepare to enter into my sanctuaries to those places I have declared, I will prepare as places of safety when my wrath is poured out upon the wicked.

My Zion will come when you are ready to respond to my call to prepare yourselves in righteousness.

My promises will be sure and all those who trust in them shall not be disappointed.

Pray always that the Lord of Harvest will send Laborers to gather out my harvest into my sanctuaries, for the time to work will soon be past and for many there shall be sorrow for they will procrastinate the time their labor that will be needed for my kingdom and their reward shall be lost.

I have desired better things for my children but many have refused me, saith your Lord. Come and cast in your sickles and reap and though the day draws to a close, I will still reward those who seek with all their strength to gather my harvest.

Blessed are all who hear my words and do them.  Amen