No. 74

Moab Utah

April 21, 2004 5:00A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Upon leaving Sibley on April 17th for the western states, I found a letter was in my mail box from Elder Ram Baral, who resides in South Carolina.  He was concerned about his ministry and his relatives and friends in his native country of Nepal.  I was awakened early in the morning of the 21st and was given this message.

Nolan, my son, I have awakened you once more for I desire to grant you counsel according to your prayerful petitions.  You have many things upon your mind, but I say unto you be calm and trust in me and I will bring order and understanding to you that you may consider those things that must be accomplished to cause my work to go forward.

My servant Ram Baral has sought my will concerning his stewardship of those things I have given him.  I have brought him through many tribulations that have tried his soul and have found him worthy.

I say unto you, my servant Ram, you have sought me in many places and have been disappointed for I was not there.  You have found that narrow path that leadeth the faithful to my throne though the way be steep and there are obstacles on the path that you have in the past and can in the future overcome.  Continue on that path until your ministry to me is fulfilled and then you may enter into my rest.

I have heard your prayers and the prayers of your family and I am pleased with their desire to follow the teachings of my Son Jesus Christ.  All who follow these teachings and are faithful until the end will have a part in my kingdom and will sit down with my faithful patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob when I, in the person of my Son, come and partake of the fruit of the vine new in my kingdom.  Know and understand my Son and I are one.  The Son is in me and I am in the Son.  Whosoever hath seen the Son hath seen me and know that I am.

I am mighty to save those who will come unto me with broken hearts and contrite spirits who will put their shoulders to the plow and not look back. I have called you Ram to serve me and no other.  In serving your people, you serve me, but your service shall not end with your people only. For if you will, saith your Lord desire with all your heart, I will grant you a portion with the great,  not great in the eyes of the world, but great in the eyes of your God.

I have given you many talents and one of them is discernment of spirit. I will make my will known to you as you call upon me in the prayer of faith.

   You have asked my servant Nolan to seek my will for you, your family and people.  It is my will that you hold fast to that gospel I have delivered to you for your salvation and sanctification.  Keep all my commandments and gather together as conditions permit and partake of the sacrament to strengthen the covenant of all who have been obedient to my commandment to be baptized and receive my Holy Spirit.

I have not abandoned you Ram, though I have brought your soul down in sorrow.  All things are in my hand and I give and I take away, but know that no one can take from me what is mine.  Your child was given you of me for a time, but has now returned to me.  Let your heart be comforted, trust in me for I am full of love for my creations and full of compassion for all who mourn.  Death is not the end or I am not God.  I have told my people from the beginning that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and I am the light and life of the world.  Whosoever shall believe on me shall never die but have life everlasting.

Ask of me, and I will call you unto further service for all who ask shall be given.

My peace I leave with you.   Amen