No. 75

Sibley, Missouri

June 8, 2004 5:20 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Hear O Israel, the Lord your God. I change not saith the Lord lest ye sons of Jacob be consumed.  My promises to your fathers still stand sure and ye shall reap my good will because of their righteousness.

Think not that I will accept any among you that have corrupted your souls.  If you will gather out of the world unto me, forsake the evil that corrupts and turn altogether to me and toward righteousness and I will heal you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness and establish you upon my rock which is the word of my bosom.

Pray ye for your brothers and sisters who are perishing in sin who have lost hope because they have turned away from the light of truth.  Seek to recover those whom the world has overcome.

The prayers of my saints availeth much; but when you pray, pray with great faith believing for without this faith nothing can be accomplished.

The congregation of my people Israel is the church and kingdom of my Son.  Seek to enter in at the straight gate and I will secure you into my fold.  Those who attempt to establish my work when I have not commanded them will perish with their works for I am angry with those who lead my children by the wisdom and precepts of man.  They have perverted the ways of righteousness and hinder my work.  They shall not abide the day of judgment.

If any will follow after me to keep my commandments and do my will, he will reject the teachings of those who lead by cunning and deceit in order to draw away my children from the  path that is straight and narrow.  Do not heed their mindless babbling that leadeth away the unwary into the broad pathway of death.

Test all things by my word which never faileth nor in which there is any degree of changing.  I have given you my commandments.  They are before you.  Heed them and live.

The keys of the kingdom are in the hands of him who I chose and raised up for the task of bringing forth my restoration.  He completed his work and sealed his work with his blood.  Seek to understand these keys, for within them lie the pattern for my kingdom.

Establish my kingdom, my children by following my pattern and all things shall be added unto you; for from my kingdom my work shall  go forward to the ends of the earth that my gathering may be accomplished.

Seek to do all I command you and you will receive the blessing.  Amen