No. 76

Sibley, Missouri

July 8, 2004  4:32 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Blessed are all who come unto me and lay down all cares and strife at my feet.  They shall see me in my kingdom.  All you who are heavy laden turn your hearts unto me and I will make you free from all that would encumber you.   Rejoice that I said I will make you free; for there is no greater freedom than to walk in my grace.  Keep my commandments and come unto me and my grace shall embrace you.

The time has come for you my Saints to act boldly and fear not what the world can do to you.  Speak the truth in humility and meekness and the power of my Spirit shall bear witness to that which ye shall say.  I have said through the voice of my prophets that all must come unto me and be born of my Spirit of Truth if they are to see my face and enter into my presence.  All who have obeyed my commandments and have humbled themselves before me in obedience to mine holy ordinances are my children.  Yea, all you who have loved me and my holy Word are sanctified through the Word.

Bear witness without fear to that plan I have prepared for the salvation of all who will heed those words of life I have given you.  Eternity awaits your fulfilling the tasks I have given you in this time of your probation.

Love me and love my Son.  Continue to call upon me in His name for my heart is turned unto those who honor my Son and who recognize his great love for the world.

You, my Saints, have desired to see the day when I shall  pour out my Spirit upon all people.  If you seek this endowment with all your might, mind and strength I will grant it unto you.  You are even now beginning to see my Spirit moving in the lives of many who are seeking my will.

Continue to establish my work and confirm my truth to all who will hear my voice and I will prosper your ways abundantly.

The time to favor my people is at hand.  Rejoice that I, The Lord your God, will not be angry forever.  It is my desire to grant you my blessings and who can stay my hand.  Continue in my Word and hold dear all that I have delivered unto you and the time shall come that I shall reveal myself from the heavens and you shall see my face.  Amen