No. 77

Sibley, Missouri

23 July 2004  4:10 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Peace be unto you and peace unto all who will hear my voice. Lo, I am with you, my faithful saints, for I have called you out of the world to do my will.  My will is to bring my people to perfection through sanctification by my Spirit saith the Lord.  If ye will humble your souls and surrender all high mindedness, I will come unto you and be your guide.

I have many things to reveal to my children and when you seek me with great desire to receive; I will reveal unto you my secrets from on high.  Be not puffed up in vanity for there is no end to my words nor my work and you have much to learn before you can abide my kingdom’s laws.  Continue to call upon me and do not turn back and I shall pour out my Spirit upon you; Yea not on you only but upon all flesh; for the time of refreshing has come.  All who come unto me and seek my will shall receive.  It is my good pleasure to pour out my Spirit on all flesh.  Shake the dust of your shoes against all ungodliness and refuse to sin and you are mine, saith your Lord.

My hand is not shortened, I am still mighty to save and all who will come unto me with humble hearts and contrite spirits shall take part in my kingdom.

Come ye apart, separate yourselves from a world that cometh under my judgment for abomination shall not reign over my people.  Seek to establish my holy sanctuaries for protection against the storm I must bring upon the earth.  My lesson unto the children of men shall teach all who will not obey my voice to acknowledge me that I AM and that I am a rewarder of the works of my creation; either for good or for evil.  Those who will not heed my call to come out must learn obedience by the things they shall suffer.  My grace shall not uphold the rebellious and disobedient.

The time for separation is upon you.  Come ye out, come ye out from Babylon the Great for great are her sins and her stench has stirred mine anger.  Wo unto that great whore who destroyeth the workmanship of my hands;  who sitteth in high places and who has corrupted the nations, being full of pride and avarice, causing the poor to perish from want, showing no love nor compassion for suffering or poverty.  Wo unto all nations who have spent one hour with that great and abominable whore of all the earth.

I have called you, my people, to come out of the world and to be about your Father’s business.  My work and Glory is to establish you upon your inheritances for of truth the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.

Those evil husbandmen who have rebelled against me shall be cast off into outer darkness and my saints shall receive their inheritances to occupy in time and again in eternity.

Hold fast to that which I have revealed unto you and you know is true and overcome all that would hinder your efforts to come unto me and serve the purposes of righteousness.

Take heart, my children, for ye shall  prevail over all my enemies.  Amen