No. 78

Sibley, Missouri

6 August 2004, 4:04 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

    Hear me, my people. I have called to you over and over and would give you that refreshing that you desire; still doubts have weakened your faith toward me and prevent me from blessing you in that degree that I desire.

Test me, saith your Lord, and see if I will not pour out my Spirit upon you.  Only you must have faith, for I will grant my Spiritual gifts and blessings only to those who will believe on me and believe in my Holy Word without any degree of turning.

Take up my commandments, study them, and I will impress them on your hearts and minds and they shall guide your feet on the pathway of life.

Mine arm is not shortened that I cannot save all who come unto me with broken hearts and contrite spirits.

I have said my spirit will not always strive with man and those who refuse my gifts shall lose their opportunity to serve in that capacity that I desire of them.

There are yet many things that must come to pass before all things are fulfilled.  Seek your portion in my eternal plan if you would please me and receive that reward I have reserved for the faithful.

Ask of me and I will give you my will concerning your part in my Kingdom.  I will not withhold from any of my children that counsel needed to place their lives on the pathway of righteousness.  I have created each of my children out of a perfect love and my purpose in them is to bring them into my glory.

Blessed is he who hears and understands my purpose, for they shall share in my Kingdom.

The world lieth in confusion and Satan stireth up the hearts of men to violence.  Many have taken comfort in the strength of government to protect them, but I say unto you that the time is coming that shall test all souls and those who place their trust in the arm of man shall be left desolate; for the wisdom of the wise has become as foolishness and the prudent man has hid his face.

Come out of the world, my people and overcome for my judgment must go forth and the wicked shall not be spared.  Amen