No. 79

Sibley, Missouri

12 August, 2004   5:07 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Come unto me, my children and receive those words of life I have for you.  Seek to draw nearer unto me that I may embrace your righteous desires and refresh your souls.

I have heard your prayers and know your perplexity of Spirit as you experience the confusion of Babylon around you.  Heed not the jeers or mockery of the world, but remain on that pathway that if you persevere will bring you into my presence.

Seek ye not the things of this world for this world must perish to make a fulfilling of my word to create a new heaven and a new earth.  Let not this bring fear to your hearts, you who are mine, for I make this new world for you as an eternal inheritance.

Seek therefore to abide my highest law which is a celestial law and I will grant you a portion in a renewed world.  But before this day shall arrive there shall be many tribulations sent forth upon the earth, a time of trial, a time of testing my people.  I will draw out the righteous from among the wicked into places I will prepare, places of refuge and safety that the righteous perish not with the wicked when mine anger is poured out in judgment.

Those who refuse me and the mercies of my Son shall have no covering for their sins saith the Lord.

I have given you of my law that which is sufficient for your salvation and also for the building up of my church.  Do all that I have commanded you and you will realize my Kingdom in heart and soul.  Seek my Kingdom and you shall not be disappointed, for all those who seek it with clean hands and pure hearts shall find it.

I have promised, and my promises are sure, to add to my church those who with contrite hearts come unto me in humility with a determination to serve me unto the end.  Their reward shall be joyous.  You who will be gathering for my conference, prepare by fasting and prayer and I will grant you that portion of my Spirit that will confirm my work unto you.

My work is not for the few, but for all who will respond to my eternal word.  For I will that all who will hear should obey truth that righteousness shall increase upon the earth that my word might go forth in power to all nations, kindreds, tongues and peoples.

This must come to pass that all might be warned to come out of Babylon and that they might be gathered unto me, their God, and form a holy assembly of my children who shall be of one heart and one mind.

Seek to participate in the labors of the church that it may bring forth my righteousness and establish my Kingdom.

I will enlighten and invigorate your minds if you will seek this with all your hearts.

My love for you has never ceased my children.

Persevere on the pathway of righteousness.     Amen.