No. 8

Redmond, Oregon

August 14, 2000, 2:00 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

                  Nolan my son, hearken unto me and heed the things I give you.  You have been faithful in doing those things I have asked of you and I am pleased with your response.  I have used you in ways that have been foreign to you, but you have been faithful to carry out my directions.

It is my will that you of my Seventy choose carefully those who will serve with you in carrying forth my work.  You have made a start and if you continue on that pathway I have laid out for you,  you will be successful in accomplishing all things I have desired of you.

The letters you have received are not of me, nor was it my Spirit that prompted them.  Fear not those who are not of me for their works shall not prosper.  Continue to pursue my truth and I will add light and understanding to your pathway.

Do not contend with those who are not of me, or whom I have not commanded or sent.  All things shall be made known or brought to light when the proper time comes.  Hold yourselves ready to serve my purposes, for my work must be brought forth as a testimony unto the world of truth, of love, and of judgment.

Be prayerful, be patient and know that it is yet day when all can work, but the time speedily cometh when the time for work is past, and woe unto those who are found wanting at that day.  See that you of my Seventy are not among those who stand idle when there are labors to be performed.

My people who strive to be pure have recognized your efforts to inform them of my truth.  Many more will respond if you will continue to bear that affirmative testimony of me that I have given to each of you.

As you respond to the prompting of my Spirit, I will increase your talents and abilities to bring forth my work.  I have made you stewards over my flock.  See that you perform your tasks in ways that will increase my heritage.  Israel is my heritage, and you are a part of my plan to accomplish my will in the gathering.  You are to be prayerful concerning my will in bringing forth those things that I have asked of you, and I will guide you little by little until the way is clear unto you.

I have heard your prayers and understand your frustrations.  My Son suffered these frustrations in like manner.   If you will take him as your guide I will be able to accomplish all things through you that are expedient at this time.

Give counsel where counsel is desired and accepted, and refrain where you are not accepted.  This truth has been from the beginning.  You are my witnesses and those who accept you and your words accept me. And those who reject your words are rejected of me.  For truth cleaveth unto truth and justice speedily follows those who do not accept my plan for their deliverance.

Continue to seek my throne, for I am forever near, and it is my desire to add to those who willingly receive those things I have given.

Be faithful, and all things I require of you shall be fulfilled.  Amen.