No. 80

Sibley, Missouri

14 August, 2004  5:11 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

        I received this after going through a cardiac catheterization procedure on the 12th of August where the doctors found that I needed three stents placed in my heart arteries which will be done on Tuesday the 17th of August.

       Peace be unto you.  I know your fears and doubts and it does not please me that you should allow these to creep into your mind.  I am your God and it is my will that you prevail and do that work I have committed into your hands.  Do not fear nor doubt for I am with you and will comfort you in your time of trial.  Look to me and do not allow the adversary to distract you.  I am mighty to save and who can stay my hand or hinder my purposes?

Walk in that faith and strength I have given you and you shall gain the victory, yea even over death.  You have been diligent in those things I have required of you and your service is acceptable.  I know the frailties of man whom I created and for mine own purposes I have caused this to be a part of man.  All things must come under judgment and I will bring all under my reign, even if it be brought to pass by the things man must suffer.  All my trusted servants have been brought through trials to see if they will remain faithful.

You my son have been tried and though you feel that your efforts have not been effective in my cause, I say unto you that I am pleased with your dedication and desire to do all that I have commanded you.

Proceed without fear and I will be with you.  Doubt not my power to comfort those who are suffering.

You have prayed for my church and your family and I have heard your prayers.  I have also heard their prayers for you.

Blessed are all who trust in me saith your God, for I will prepare a place for them in eternity and give them a name that is better than son or daughter.

Behold I am God, there is no other creator.  I have founded the world and all things therein.  All things are mine and I provide for mine own.

Trust in my love and all things shall be done in order and according to my eternal plan in which there is no degree of turning.

My blessing I bestow upon you.  Continue in peace.  Amen.