No. 81

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Ivy Bend Missouri

15 August 2004 4:16 A. M.

 I was awakened at 4:16 A.M, Sunday 15 August by the Lord and so I bring this message.

    You have been tried and found faithful and I will call you to greater effort in my cause.  There are many things that have been left undone because of the lack of dedication and perseverance of my people.  Move forward in faith to accomplish my will and I will bless your efforts with enduring success.  Be steadfast in your quest to set my church in that order that will be required to bring my people to perfection.  Do not let the voices of compromise turn you from what I have given you to accomplish in my name.  There will be temptations to please those around you, but yield not to those temptations for they would turn you away from your course to establish my will, even that portion of my will that I have called upon you to accomplish.

You have pondered in your mind whether my church has made the proper preparation for the growth that I desire to bestow upon it and my answer to you is your work is acceptable.  I would admonish you to go beyond what is acceptable and to become perfected in those things of which I have commanded you and my children.  Perfect your gifts and talents, my children.  Exercise stewardship over all that I have placed in your hands.  Seek to improve on all that I have given you for I have much more to entrust to those who magnify their talents.  Guard your health, follow my words of wisdom.  Give your bodies that rest that I require in my creation of mankind.  Retire early; arise early that your minds be invigorated.  Start your days in prayer and meditation upon my eternal word and I will go before you each day.  Be a wise steward in what you put into your bodies.  I have given you your intelligence in the day I created you and your agency in the garden of Eden.  Many have used that agency to run to abuse of those things that I  provided for the health of my children.  Be not addicted to any of these things that  I have provided for subsistence and medicine for my children.

The adversary would enslave you to bring your souls down to the pit.  Do not give him place in your lives for I have a purpose for each of my children.

My love for you is constant, however you must realize that I cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance, for sin is that instrument of Satan that would destroy those I have created and love.

My children, life is fragile and many fail to live their lives in a manner that allows me to grant them my grace.  My grace is free to all who seek it with great desire.

Look to me, my children for your strengthening and salvation, for there is no other path that will secure you in my fold.  I seek to bless each of you if you will respond to my love.  Amen