No. 82

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

1 September 2004   4:54 A.M.

     Blessed are all who call upon the name of the Lord with full purpose of heart.  I will give unto them their righteous desires.  I will extend to those who are just and true their portion within my kingdom.

All who ask of me with clean hands and pure hearts shall receive, for it is my good pleasure to reward the faithful according to their righteous desires.

Arise and look, my people, see from afar.  Zion languisheth in sin and indifference.  When I would favor her she turneth her head away from me seeking the enticements of the world.  Her concerns are occupied in pleasing the world instead of her God.

Hear me, my people and respond for my judgments are upon the world and who shall escape my justice?  Only those who have cleansed themselves through the tender mercies of my Son; those who have renounced the evils of the world and have sought sanctification through the atoning blood of my covenant.

My call has gone out and echoes across the ages.  Come out of her, my people, for I have better things for you.  It is my desire to give you your portion in my kingdom, but how shall I grant it to you if you will not regard my admonition?

I know your inner desires and I know your fears, nothing is hidden from me.  Let your desires be to establish my kingdom and if you will turn your hearts to love for me and my children I will take away your fears.

Let all your efforts be turned towards establishing my righteousness upon the earth for the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.  I deign to give it to those who are faithful and true for it is within my hand to give to whomsoever I will.

I will guide all those who will heed my voice into fruitful avenues of service to accomplish my purposes.

Let all who will serve me come forth.   Amen