No. 83

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

9 September 2004   3:46 A.M

 My mind has been occupied with the conference that will be held at Tarkio, Missouri on the 11th and 12 of September.  There has been a lot of illness and health problems among the Saints during the past few months and my prayers have gone up to the Father for their welfare.

I have called upon you and disturbed your sleep that I might bring my will before my people.  If you will hear my word this day you shall prosper in the work ahead.

It is my will that all who have taken upon themselves my name, shall steadfastly set their lives in order and seek with all diligence to bring forth and establish my Sovereign rule in their hearts, minds and souls.

I will grant my Saints peace if they will repent and become sanctified before me, but all who have refused and continue to refuse my word, shall be brought to judgment.

There is apprehension among my Saints concerning my conference.  Many have suffered afflictions and have allowed doubts to enter their minds.  Cast off all doubts for my work shall go forth even in the face of adversity.  All those who choose to follow me, will be tried, for only those who are tried and found faithful shall stand with me at the last day.  Do not let anything separate you from the callings that I have called each of you to follow.  The task before you may seem to great to carry, but I say unto you, be vigilant for Zion and the day will come that you shall receive an inheritance with all my Saints that have labored before you.   Seek to establish my cause and bear witness to the vision I have given you of my kingdom and if your witness is not in power and strength, seek understanding by fasting, prayer and study.

My words have from the beginning been given to my chosen  people for a purpose and that purpose is to inform them of my work and will in bringing forth a righteous generation upon the earth upon which you stand.

Call upon me in your every need for I am mighty to grant you your righteous desires.  Enlist your time in activities that promote my church and kingdom and I shall reward the laborer a hundred fold both in this world and in the world to come.

Many seek only pleasure and have neglected the work that is necessary to bring forth my kingdom.  Reason with me, saith your Lord, I have said that the laborer is worthy of his hire and that the idler will have no place among you.  I have called you, my people to labor for the cause of Zion, and it is my will that you seek to use your gifts and talents for my cause.

Many have misused what I have placed in their stewardships and will at the last day look back with sorrow that they wasted their opportunity to serve me and my people.

I will bless all my Saints who gather at Tarkio for my conference.  They shall feel my presence; and for those who are not able to gather because of age or infirmity, call upon me, saith your Lord and I will hear.  Call upon me and I will grant you the blessings you desire.  Pray for the church and I will hear your prayers.  Even though you cannot be present send your thoughts and prayers unto me for the Saints who gather.  It is my will that you be one in heart and mind.

Behold, prepare and apply your stewardships wisely and diligently and you shall in no wise lose your reward.  It is my good pleasure to reward the faithful.  Amen