No. 84

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

22 September 2004   4:50 A.M

    Hear me, my son and write the words I give you for future generations.  I have given my words to those who seek after me with faith believing on me.  My words are truth and never fail.  Heed all that I say unto you and they shall guide your steps on all your journeys.

I am pleased with the efforts of my church to come together and conduct that which is necessary to establish my will and my reign on earth.

It is yet a little while and the promises to your fathers shall be fulfilled.  I will cause you to return to me saith the Lord.  I will heal your backsliding ways O-Israel.  I have heard the prayers of your little ones, yea, the prayers of your children have come up into mine ears.  I will turn mine anger away from you and plead with you as in days of old when I called you out of the world to be my special inheritance.  I will cure your rebellious nature and cause you to overcome your covetness of worldly riches.

Seek me saith your Lord for I am the Father of Eternity and I hold all things in my hand.  Eternal life is mine to give, yea, and damnation also.

I call you, my people, out of the world for a special purpose.  All my acts are for eternal purposes.  You are to be the leaven that shall prepare a people, yea, a nation for my return.  Persevere in teaching my gospel and in setting my church in order that my work may go forth.

Say unto my servant, Leonard, that I am pleased with his return to my work and that which I assigned as his portion in the work of setting my church in order.  I have accepted his prayers and acknowledged his humility.  It is my will that he, from this time forward, will devote all his efforts to the cause of building up my church and assisting my servant, Nolan, in those things I have called upon the Seventies to perform.  If he will do this I will be able to continue blessing him and his desires.  Remember my son, Leonard, the work I have called you to do in my name is the work of carrying my gospel to nations, kindred’s, tongues and peoples.  Part of that work is to set my church on that foundation necessary to provide for the continuation of my work of establishing my kingdom in power upon the earth.

The world lies in sin and many are perishing, for my people have desired the world and things of the world over the things of their God.

All who serve me let them come, for the field is white already to harvest.  Cast in your sickles and reap, for the time grows short.  Amen