No. 85

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

12 October 2004   6:45 A.M

       Heed my words for by my words shall you live.  Keep all my sayings and they shall comfort you in times of trouble.  Sanctify your souls by feeding upon my word and I will cause you to be victorious over all your enemies and I will bring you forth in the resurrection of the Just.

I have called upon my people now as in times past to make those sacrifices necessary to deliver my gospel of salvation to all the children of men.  Lift up your voices in warning those who remain in the world that I shall come with a shout and ten thousand of my chosen shall accompany me.  I shall come with a blessing and with a cursing for the time to reward the inhabitants shall arrive suddenly.  Stand in holy places, my children, and I shall bless you with my protecting hand, but I shall judge the ungodly with a just recompense for all their folly.  They shall trouble my saints no more.  All who will heed my words of life and sanctify their souls shall come through my tribulations and though they be tried as by the refiners fire I will save them by my mighty hand.  After much tribulation I will bring victory to my saints and they shall inherit my Kingdom.

Seek to be among those who are victorious and overcome the world, for all those who are overcome by the world shall perish.  Set not your hearts on worldly things, but seek those things that have eternal worth.  Those who are not willing to give up all for my sake are unworthy of me.  Do not think that I desire to take away all your earthly possessions by this, but you must be willing to leave all for my work when necessary to bring my word to a world dying in sin.  I will call upon those who are able to render that service to me saith the Lord.  I will not place a burden upon my children that is to great for them to bear.  Gather together often, my children and call upon my name in solemn prayer and I will hear you.  Seek my will in all your endeavors and allow my will to guide you into the righteous pathway.

Do not hesitate nor procrastinate your decisions to follow me, saith your Lord, for there is a set time I have given to all endeavors and I will reap the wheat and I will reap the tares.  The one I shall preserve unto myself, but the other shall be bound in bundles to be burned, for unrighteousness shall not encumber my field saith the Lord.

My righteousness shall prevail upon the earth and my law shall be kept by those who I shall make the inheritors of my footstool. Keep yourselves unspotted from the world and I will seal you mine saith your Lord.  Amen