No. 86

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Anderson, Indiana

20 October 2004   12:10 A.M

      Many have come in my name professing they know me and I say unto them, all who know me hear my voice and those who will be among my chosen shall do all that I command and require of my children.  Not all who say Lord, Lord, shall enter into my rest.

Keep my commandments and let your light so shine that you shall show forth that pathway that leads to my presence.  I am that light and the light of the world and all who acknowledge the light and walk therein shall be secured into my kingdom, saith your God.

You have desired to know of me if those who have said they have communed with me in visitations is true.  I say unto you in answer, you can know of yourselves when those come unto you professing these things.  A good tree cannot bear evil fruit and an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.  Test the fruit, my children of all who come before you professing to be my disciples.

There are those whom I have called out of the world for special purposes in me to establish and re-establish those keys and authorities that were lost through willful neglect and sin.  Such was the case of my servant Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry by whom I re-established my holy priesthood and restored authority on earth.  My promise to Joseph was that if he were faithful in keeping my charge that I would build up my church in his day and bring my church out of the wilderness. Joseph was faithful in all that I called upon him to do, except in the pages of the Book of Mormon which he allowed to be taken out of his hands against my commandment.  I forgave him that offence upon his repentance.  I established the keys of my Kingdom with him and led him to bring forth those laws and principles which I give to bring my children into covenant and to perfection.  These keys have not been removed from my servant Joseph but have been made known to the church as the oracles that if followed bring my people to perfection.

I am the true vine and all who live in me and are nourished through me shall bear fruit.  Only through me can nourishment reach the branches and cause the fruit to be good fruit.

All things have been created by me and of me and for me.  Seek not for truth and light where it cannot be found.  I have given you my law in a form that even the weakest among you can follow and understand.  My law and my gospel is not given to confuse but to enlighten.

All who seek the light of my truth who have pure hearts and clean hands, who seek with faith believing, shall come unto me and learn of me and my law and my will, and if then they will be my disciples they shall come in at the door and bring forth fruit meet for repentance.  I will lead them into the pathway that shall bring them into my presence.

There is no other way to enter into my presence than through my holy ordinances which I have ordained as a means for the weakest among you as well as the strongest to come unto me.  Seek therefore to obey me by submitting to those ordinances that can only be performed by those who I have appointed unto this honor.

All who will humble themselves and confess their sins, repenting of them shall be acceptable to come unto me, saith your Creator.

See that you heed all that I give for your instruction and salvation, all you who would be my disciples.   Amen