No. 87

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

5 November 2004   6:45 A.M.

Given for all those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ

O-Ye of little faith, think ye not that I can do mine own work?  I have called upon you this day to inform you that my work shall not be frustrated even though there are those who would feign serve me, but are wavering as the tides of the sea.

My word to you today who have humbled your spirits and have drawn close to me is to move out in faith pressing on toward the mark of establishing my will upon the earth.

I have called many times unto my children and have given them instruction and they responded for a little season, then their response grows cold and they become distracted by the things of the world; but my purposes shall not be frustrated by the backsliding of man, for I am able to do mine own work and will bring to pass all that I have proclaimed by the mouths of my prophets from the first.

I will take of the weak of the earth and cause amazement to come upon many because of the lifting up of those who have been cast off and rejected and I will cause praise to come from their lips into the ears of their redeemer and God.  The gratitude of their souls shall express their turning unto me to serve me and to the consternation of the world I will cause my little ones to stand before Kings and Potentates and proclaim my truth with power from my throne.

Hear me, all ye who are downtrodden and have felt that you have no hope.  Raise up your heads and see, for I will take you from the state you are in and place you in  positions of authority  that will be higher than the princes of this world.

All who seek me with clean hands and with their hearts turned to me shall find me and I will lift up my hand unto them and establish them for an everlasting inheritance unto the Lord.

Hear what I say unto you, you who call yourselves by my name.   My work shall go forward to the consternation of many who have said, “Where is the Lord and where is his spokesman?”  I will raise up many spokesmen and they shall prophecy and even out of the mouths of babes shall you hear my words; so do not think that my power is limited to speak to my creations.  Do not think because I have said I will take of the weak of the earth to break down the strong and mighty that this shall be done by unrighteousness, but by my Spirit shall the poor of the earth spread forth the fullness of mine everlasting gospel to the waiting nations.

All who would serve me come forth, for those who hold back will have to observe my glory from afar.  Cast in your sickles, but first sharpen them with my word and obtain my Spirit that my truth might go forth, and you shall be chosen instruments in my hand.  Amen