No. 88

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

12 November 2004   4:54 A.M

 In response to five days set aside for prayers by five church members in seeking God’s will and method for bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Those participating were: Catherine Hughes, Betty Liedeke, Nancy Glauner, President of Seventy Leonard Liedeke, and President of Seventy Nolan W. Glauner. This was received in response by Nolan W. Glauner

 My son, you have petitioned me for knowledge concerning my will for adding to my church.  There are many ways that my children have used to witness to those who are seeking and many have accepted my gospel upon their witness.  The time is swiftly approaching, however, when all my work must hasten; for my gathering shall take place and mine Elect shall at that day have power to perform mighty acts by the empowerment of my Spirit.  It shall be that the earth shall be subdued by the power of my Spirit.

I shall gather mine Elect from all nations wherein I have driven them and bring them to those places I have designated as places of safety and refuge.  There they shall build up my holy city upon the principles of righteousness which is required for all who perform acceptable service for my glory.

I will empower my servants as they prepare to receive my Spirit in a greater proportion.  I took of the Spirit that was upon Moses and endowed the seventy elders of Israel in the wilderness and their minds were enlivened and able with Moses to judge the sojourners. I gave Elisha a double portion of my Spirit when he petitioned Elijah to receive a double portion.  I empowered Joshua under the hands of Moses to lead my people Israel into the land I promised their fathers.

I will bestow my Spirit upon my tried and trusted servants who keep my words to perform them and they shall have part in establishing my kingdom in power.

Seek to perfect your lives and your ministry that I may grant you power from on high, even power that has not been witnessed upon earth for these many years since my Son was sent to redeem the repentant from death.

A new age is dawning upon earth and there are none who shall stop it from emerging.  I will cause righteousness to sweep the earth in power and beauty and draw out all who will respond to my call.  My work shall succeed and songs of everlasting joy and love shall be sung in righteousness in my holy city Zion.

Humble your hearts and souls before me and I will embrace your desires and grant you power to demonstrate to a world enslaved in sin the power to redeem through the outpouring of my Holy Spirit those who were lost in sin.

My children shall be brought back to me by my Spirit saith the Lord.  Seek as Elisha sought for a double portion of my Spirit and I will send you out in power.  Purge yourselves of all dross, for my Spirit cannot dwell with those who persist in holding on to those things which defile.  My children, be clean all who would take part in my great redemption and it will be my good pleasure to endow you from on high.  Amen