No. 89

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

20 November 2004   6:00 A.M

    Come unto me all ye who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and I will feed you upon my word and ye shall drink of the waters of life.  Seek me while I can be found and I will reward thee with the sure mercies of David.  Come and cast your cares upon me, saith your Lord, and try me, and I will grant you from my infinite storehouse treasures from on high.

Observe the mountains and the small hills and observe all created things; they are mine and there is nothing within your viewing that does not belong to me.  Ask of me, saith your Lord, with faith believing and I shall pour out gifts from mine infinite storehouse.   No hand can stay my resolve and I have promised my faithful ones power from on high.

All you who call yourselves by my name, give heed and humble yourselves, for not all who say Lord, Lord shall win my favor and enter into my rest, but those who make an offering in righteousness, keeping all my commandments which is my law, shall reap the reward of the faithful servant.

All who would follow me must make this sacrifice upon mine altar; even the turning of your hearts and minds away from the world and it’s enticements and turn your hearts and minds to my Kingdom and it’s righteousness.  My kingdom shall arise triumphant and all those laborers who have and shall build upon my law shall live by my law in my Kingdom.

All who seek to serve me and be a part of the work I am bringing forth in this latter day, seek your stewardships early that your rewards may be made sure, for the idler shall not eat the bread of the laborer.

Seek not for my kingdom in the by-ways of the world, for I have set up my Church and sent mine angel traveling through the midst of the heavens to enliven my holy priesthood upon the earth.  All must come in at the gate.  I have given no other way that man can come to salvation than through the tender mercies of my Son.

If you will serve me, keep and follow my commandments, believe my word, and know that it is by my word that my children come unto me, for my word is light and truth and Spirit.  If my word be in you, your whole body shall be filled with light.  Seek my will from my word and seek to build up my Church and establish my Kingdom that righteousness might abide upon the face of the earth.

Come forth all who will serve me, those who will not, sleep on.  Amen