No. 90

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

24 November 2004   6:26 A.M

      My beloved children tossed to and fro by the crafty wiles of he who is mine adversary.  Heed him not, for his ways are death.  I have given you my light that you may see the way to go.  Look to the light of my gospel for your direction and you shall not wander off the pathway that leads to life.

I have established my church in the fullness of time to gather my children around me.  Come and be one, saith the Lord, and I will dwell in your midst.  I long to rejoice with you on the mountains of Zion.  My Holy City shall be brought to the birth after much pain, like a mother who has delivered her first child the pain shall be forgotten in joy and all eyes shall be upon the Firstborn.

Rejoice all ye ends of the earth for your God shall establish all his promises made to his children, for my word is truth and there is no turning away from that which I have decreed.  Hear my words, study my words, take them to heart and live by them for those who continue to disregard what I have given shall have all taken from them.  Mine anger has gone forth upon the earth and I have restrained mine anger for a short period, from sending forth my judgments upon the wicked, but I will not stay my hand forever.  I have given you foreknowledge of mine anger in the wind and the sea.  I have shook the earth in warning of that which is to come.

Come out of her, my people for the cup of her iniquity is full and my just judgment shall be poured out upon the wicked sons of Idumea.

Be not partakers of her sin for all who cling to her skirts shall fall and her fall shall be great, even that great whore that enticeth the kings of the earth to commit fornication with her.

I have called you to be a separate, peculiar people unto me and to be a part of mine Elect, and all who will heed my words and come into the light of my truth to live by the light shall be numbered in my book of remembrance and established with the House of Israel, my chosen.  Come ye apart all who will serve me, all ye who have made a covenant with me in baptism.  Ye have become clean, but not all.  Wash your hands and feet before me to cleanse you from the blood of this generation.

Refuse the temptations of a dying world and turn to me with full purpose of heart.  Turn away from all fables and foolish traditions of men that seek your allegiance to death.  I am the way, the truth and the life, and no man cometh to the Father but by me.  Why do you still run after the vain traditions of those whom I have not called nor sent.  Seek unto me saith the Lord and I will enlighten your minds and your whole body shall be filled with the light of my truth.

Come out of Babylon my children while my light is with you.  Amen