No. 91

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

14 December 2004   1:32 A.M

 I was awakened at 1:30 A.M. and commanded to write the following. Part of this message was given in response to my prayers for a branch in Kentucky that was contemplating joining our efforts to bring forth Zion.

I am the Lord your God, even he who led your fathers through the wilderness in that day they sought a promised land.  Of all who started that journey there were but few of that generation that were worthy of occupying the land to obtain rest.

Time after time my church has wandered in the wilderness of sin and each time I have raised up those who called upon my name in mighty faith to rally my people and once more lead them on that path to the promised land.

I have called my church out of the wilderness in these last days to be a beacon on a hill that all who come near may see and be gathered unto me.

If you will hear my voice today, I say come.  Come and labor in my vineyard for the fruit is ripe on the vine and the time for gathering is now.  I say unto you, those who will not take part of the gathering of the harvest, who observe my work from afar shall not partake of the fruit of the vine with my faithful laborers.

If you are mine, my prodigal sons and daughters, you must turn your backs on the temptations of the world and return to your Fathers house.

All who have made a covenant with me in the waters of baptism, why do you halt?  Did you not covenant to serve me the One Living God?  Cast your fears behind you and come and I will give you a place at my banquet table.

My children who have found themselves in the wilderness have constantly looked back from where they have come, but I say unto you, look ahead for your choices are before you.  Move toward the light which I have established for my Holy Hill of Zion.

Overcome your fears, trust in my words and the night will not overtake you.

I am  pleased with those who are responding to the prompting of my Spirit, it is my good will to give them my Kingdom.  If they will continue on that pathway wherein I have called them, they shall assist in building up the waste places of Zion and time shall come and is  close at hand when the Holy City shall be built, but before that time, many will rally to my call and the Army of Israel shall become great and radiant as the sun and fair as the moon.  Blessed are they who shall have part in building up Zion.

Gather unto me, my people and I will shelter you from the dangers that shall cause the hearts of the wicked to melt as wax.  Separate yourselves from among them and stand in holy places.

Blessed are all those who heed my words to do them.  Amen