No. 92

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

23 December 2004   3:55 A.M

   All you who standeth afar off, come ye near and I will reveal my will unto you.  You ask of me as I have commanded you to ask, and I have given counsel, but what is this I see, a people who ask of me but heed not my counsel.  Cease from troubling me if you are not willing to follow my commandments.

I have instructed my servants of the Seventy to prepare a people to set my church in order and I have called upon many to respond to their call.  Why is it that few heed my call?  Do you not know that only those who hear my voice and obey are my disciples?  Why do you halt? You call yourselves by my name, but remain loyal to the world and turn your back to your God.  Shall I overlook your lack of commitment to serve me?

I say this not to those few faithful followers of my Son, but to the great many who profess him, but in truth do not know him.  If you know him you will love him and If you know him you will know me.

You weary me saith your creator.  Your hollow prayers are as those who are in deep sleep and when you finish you remember not what was on your mind. Many who call upon me with hollow words and lengthy prayers seek to appease their troubled minds, but seek not righteousness nor to release the plight and suffering of the poor in spirit and the poor in substance who plead with me in the conviction of their souls.

Do I have to humble you who profess my name, saith your Lord, for you to acknowledge my commandments? Mine anger has come up in my face and I will not stay my hand forever. My judgment shall come instantly and the time for the ungodly to repent shall have passed.

All you who would heed my warning turn with full purpose of heart unto me and keep my charge unto you and follow my commandments and I will save you from the storm which shall fill all hearts with fear and cause the earth to reel to and fro as a drunken man.  I shall shake the earth, yea and the heavens also shall feel the effects of mine anger when I am required by mine own word to shake the earth and heavens to show forth my power and indignation unto the children of men.

I have called and of those whom I have called few have answered.  I have called again and have pleaded with my children to choose me, but many have been enamored with the world and have turned away from me.

Shall my work be frustrated by the hearts of men growing cold toward their God?  I say unto you once more that all the words that proceed from my mouth shall be fulfilled for I am God and not man and I lie not.  Though the world draws near me with lip service I will still gather a people to me who are righteous.  Yea from every nation under the sun shall they come and I will put my law in their hearts and they shall yet in the spirit of righteousness gather to my Holy Mountain.  They shall heed all my words to do them and I will pour out my grace upon them and give them the riches of the Gentiles.  They shall be established upon my Holy Mountain never to be moved and I will grant unto them the promises of mine Elect through the promises I made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

My children, whom I created, keep my commandments, become sanctified through my word, and I will give you a white robe and none shall take you from me.

Heed my call, perform that labor I require of you in my vineyard and your reward shall be sealed up, even eternal life in my kingdom, saith your Lord.  Amen