No. 93

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri   16 February 2005  6:30 AM

   Thus saith the Lord your God.  Take heed and learn all who seek to do my will shall not be disappointed.

I have called upon my Saints to come unto me and feast upon my words.  My words are truth and life and if you will store up in your hearts and minds my eternal truth you shall never lack for the good things of earth and sky.  My blessings follow obedience and I am a rewarder of the faithful.  See that you serve my cause  with faith and diligence.

My cause is to bring forth a righteous generation upon the earth on which you stand.  And how shall you come to righteousness if not through the sanctification of my Spirit?  And how shall you gain strength except ye be one and gather together and come out of the world?

I am angry with mine Elders who refuse my word, for my word became flesh and is for the salvation of those who will follow my Beloved Son.  I  have given him power over all things which are in heaven and on earth.  Heed ye him!

By my Son and by my Spirit I instructed my servant Joseph, the son of Joseph, to bring my church out of the wilderness.  He accomplished all that I gave unto his hands to do.  I gave him authority and the fullness of my everlasting gospel to give unto the world.  Within the instructions and commandments are ordinances and commandments for my people to live by; also the pattern for the establishment of my Kingdom upon the earth that was well known by my Apostles when my Son visited the earth to redeem mankind.

Ye Elders, why have ye become stiff necked like unto the gentiles whom ye criticize?  You have neglected the beautiful principles of my restoration and are fearful to act upon my work.   Make up your minds to follow my Son’s instructions to my restoration or you shall be cast off as rebellious sons.  Cease to reject those whom I have called to put my church in order.  I have instructed them in the manner they should proceed and I give no other that commandment.  I am not devious that I should cause confusion in the minds of my children.  If you know of my revealed will to organize that has been given to others, I know not of it.

I have instructed those few Seventies and others with them to set my church in order and should I retract my words?  My words go forth without repentance and I will not recognize any organization but the one I have given authority to bring about my perfect will upon the earth.

Satan is raging in the hearts of my Saints, for they have not sufficiently purged themselves of the enticements of the world.  If you will be mine, turn your back on your own pleasures of the world and accept that which I have prepared for you through my Servants of my church, which at this time is known as the Church of Jesus Christ Restored 1830.  I gave this name to my servant Glenn Hughes to be used by my Saints and it has been for the purpose of turning their hearts and minds to the restoration I brought forth through Joseph, my Prophet.

Return to me, my children and ye Elders the leaders of the flock; turn your hearts  to the laws and message I gave Joseph to bring my church out of the wilderness and for the purpose of bringing my people to perfection through the establishment of my Kingdom. Amen