No. 94

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri   11 March 2005  6:30 AM

   Unto all things I set a time and grant space for their accomplishment.  You have been given the opportunity to serve me in a special way.  You have struggled within yourself to know what I require of you and yet you are not sure of my love for you.  O ye of little faith I am uneasy about you.  I have called you from among my poor and have provided all things for your comfort and convenience.  Why do you doubt my word when I said I will raise up the weak of the earth and they shall prevail over the strong and mighty?

I have not cast you off nor will I leave my little flock comfortless.  You are those who I have called forth to turn your backs to the world and follow me.

My work shall go forward and shall not be frustrated by the indecisions of man.  There shall yet be those who will take hold of my everlasting covenant and enlist in the cause of righteousness.

The world groaneth under the weight of sin and must be delivered from this sore bondage.  Lift up your eyes to the heavens and declare your allegiance to truth, to light and to righteousness.

Seek not your confirmation of my work in the arm of the flesh, but seek to establish my sovereignty among the peoples of my creation.

My truth cannot be bound.  It has broken forth from the depths of the earth and shall fill the earth with it’s light.  Walk in the truth and bask in that light that originated in heaven and descended unto the realms of men.

Be not disappointed when those around reject you and the work that I have given you.  They rejected me before they rejected you.  There will always be those who hesitate in fear of making the wrong choice.  They do not come to me for confirmation of truth, but rely upon their own understanding and are left unable to act for or against me.  Woe unto all who refuse the waters of life that is poured out for all who thirst after righteousness.   I am the waters of life and whosoever drinketh of this water shall never thirst.

Woe unto those who refuse me and my servants for their inheritances in my Kingdom shall be taken from them and given to those who observe to do my will.

I will not stay my hand forever.  All who will serve me must come forward and take up the task of bringing my lost children back to the knowledge of their God.  My promises to mine Elect stand sure and shall be fulfilled according to my word that has gone forth.

I admonish my little flock at this time to look to the heavens for from thence cometh your redemption.  Fear not for I know the things you are going through.  Call upon me in mighty prayer and I will deliver you from doubt and despair.

Pray for the conference and I will send the comforter to grant you joy and unity.

Be not concerned if those around you reject you.  I gave them their agency and I also gave them life and knowledge to make decisions.  I will judge all according to how they use their agency and knowledge in serving or rejecting me, their creator.

Be not overcome by the world.  Overcome the world by righteousness and lo I am with you always.  Amen