No. 95

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri   20 March 2005 12:17 AM

   Blessed are all who deny themselves and come unto me, saith the Lord.  Scoffers shall scoff and mockers shall mock, but my servants shall dwell with me throughout eternity. All who are of a willing mind come and partake of my goodwill.  I am able to reward the obedient with treasures from on high.  Seek my favor, my children and my love shall wrap you in arms of mercy.

Where is the city of my heritage and the inhabitants thereof?  Why has Zion hesitated; and why do the heathen rage?  Hell and death has swallowed up the multitude and but few are they who remain who are for me and my Kingdom.  What will you do when my wrath is poured out upon the wicked?  Will you stand in holy places and be prepared, or shall ye be found wanting?

I have called and called again to a wayward and hesitating people; come ye out and be not partakers of her judgments.  All who will not heed my call must suffer.  Prepare, my people for the ending of days, for my word has gone forth and shall not return unto me unfulfilled.  I speak and the world comes into being.  I speak again and time is no longer.  My word goes unheeded by the many even among those who call themselves after my name. I shall be merciful to those who show mercy, but unto those who have hardened their hearts toward me and my truth, I shall execute a just recompense.

All who have delivered my word in the past have come under attack by those who would claim they are doing me a favor.  Those defenders of the traditions of men shall observe their own folly, for I will not suffer my words of truth to be trampled beneath the feet of man.  Do not profess me when you refuse to acknowledge the words I give unto you by the hands of my called and ordained servants. Beware how you handle the oracles of God, for you shall be held accountable for all that proceeds out of my mouth.

My Children who hear my voice, my wrath shall not reach you though it shall come nigh unto you. Ye shall be like those whose clothes are scorched by the fire.  Draw close to me, my children and I will protect you from the decrees that have proceeded from my lips and that have gone unheeded by the many.  Seek refuge in my good favor and my protecting arm shall be your defense in times of trouble.

Enjoin the Saints gathering at Tarkio to swiftly draw close to my protecting care.  I am able to save all who turn away from the world and come unto me and keep the terms of our covenant.  Continue not to allow any degree of sin to possess you or enslave you, for those who surrender to sin are enslaved to sin.  Come out of her, my children.  Amen