No. 97

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Moab, Utah  Friday, 22 April 2005   2:30 A.M

   Blessed are those of my children who respond to the prompting of my Spirit.  I will cause them to sit down and sup with me at my wedding feast.  My words I gave you yesterday were not given to create fear in your heart, but were to encourage you to act more boldly in my name.  It is my desire that all who will hear me and act upon my words will turn away from the world that I may save them from the plan of the Adversary.  My arm is not shortened that I cannot save.  The decree has gone forth that my Saints shall be gathered; think not that I cannot bring to pass that which I have caused to be written.

I await the response of all who ask guidance of me that I may bless them.  It is my desire to wash them and to attire them in new raiment, even with a white robe and to fill them with my Holy Spirit.

If my children will respond to my words with more commitment, I will be able to grant them a greater endowment of my direction and Spirit.  Those who seek me out of curiosity shall be disappointed.  I require a willing heart and mind of all who will serve me.  I cannot feed my children on food that they are not prepared to digest.  If you consider my words to be simple, then you will be able to understand that until my children learn my first lessons they cannot proceed to the more weighty lessons of my Kingdom.

Study those truths I have provided you as I revealed my will to my prophets from the beginning and live your lives in harmony and obedience to the truth I have given for your growth and eternal welfare.  To all those who receive my truth with thanksgiving and joy, I will provide even more, for there is no end to my words or my work.  I seek laborers for my vineyard.  My vineyard has been overrun by husbandmen whom I have not appointed and they rob me of my precious fruit.  I shall remove those false stewards and replace them with my faithful servants for I will regain the use of my vineyard, saith your Lord.  I will try my servants and those found just and true shall receive inheritances in my Kingdom, not any longer servants, but as sons and daughters.

Prepare yourselves to serve me and heed all I have caused to be written for your benefit and salvation.  Perform all that I have called upon you as my servants to do and I will be able to bless you with the mysteries of heaven.

I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep; and my sheep hear my voice and follow me.  I will not abandon my sheep nor let them wander in the wilderness, but I will seek them out and return them to the flock where there is safety and shelter from the elements.

Submit your lives to me, my children, that I may build you into holy temples, that my Spirit might enlarge your souls that you are acknowledged by word and your deeds that you are children of the Most High God.

Let my light shine in your countenances that all may know that I am in you and you are in me, saith your Lord.   Amen