No. 98

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sparks Nevada, 3 May 2005   1:36 A.M

   My Father, though I have been weary and you have caused my soul to sorrow; yet thou hast given me to ride upon the high places of the earth.  You have blessed me and brought me out from wickedness that prevails over the souls of men and have provided me every good thing from thine infinite storehouse for my well-being and comfort.

   I will praise thee and call upon thee in the day time and in the quiet times of the night.  I pour out my soul to thee;  and you awaken me from sleep and instructeth my soul.  I have kept thy Sabbaths, Lord in the way I understand and you have blessed me and all that is part of my portion in life.  I will praise thee as long as I have life and breath;  for thou art most worthy of all praise and adoration.

   Instruct me Lord, and I shall do thy will in the earth.  Speak to me and I will heed your call

.   Hear me all ye sons of men that call upon me, but expect no answer.  I am not pleased with lip service, but desire to bless those who turn wholehearted to me and believe on my words by which I express my power.  For by the word of my power all things are created; and you sons of men also have your being by the word of my power.  Listen and heed my words.  Grant them a place in your bosoms and they shall be a light and guide to your life.

All who have not come unto me listen to my words.  No man can come unto me, but by that means I have provided when my Son was sent to redeem those who are lost in sin.  He appointed those who would represent him and ordained them to provide the ordinances I have given for the salvation of all who accept him as an offering for sin.

Return to me O-back-sliding Israel, you have played the harlot under every green tree.  Repent and cast off your covenant with death and come out of sin by bringing forth fruit meet for repentance.

The blood that was shed and the body that was pierced is payment for your sins, saith the Lord; but how shall ye be saved if ye refuse me and continue in sin?

As a tender vine out of Egypt, I nourished you in the wilderness.  I provided you with water out of the rock and though you looked back to the flesh pots from whence ye came, I nurtured you on food from heaven and gave you my law as a guide to your souls.  I planted your children in a goodly land which I promised unto their fathers and drove out the nations from before them.

What more can I say unto you, O-family that I have chosen?  Of the blessings promised and the cursing which I gave you; you chose which you would pursue. You chose cursing and I cast you off according to my word that I sent forth.

Now return to me, saith the Lord, and be healed.  Come back in at the gate.  I am the gate of the sheep fold.  I will pass you under the staff and number you with my sheep, and enfold you in my flock never to go out, o-redeemed of the Lord.

Rejoice and bring forth fruit worthy of my Kingdom.  All who partake of the re-birth of water and Spirit by the hands of my trusted servants whom I have sent are children of the Kingdom and my sons and daughters.  Ye are born again into immortality and eternal life never more to die. Come to the waters of life and drink freely, my children.  Amen