No. 99

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley Missouri, 18 May 2005   6:07 A.M

   My peace be unto you.  I am the prince of peace and my children must follow my example if they would seek to glorify me.  I have sent the warning forward to come out of the world for the world cannot know my peace.

If I were with you in body and said come and follow me and leave all worldly things behind, would you be willing to obey me?  Would you walk the path that I would invite you to walk?

My Father returned his son to the Celestial Glory to sit down at his side.  Of those he gives me out of the world he has decreed that they shall dwell with me and partake of my glory.

If you should travel to a far country, you will be required to obey the laws of that country.  If you will dwell in my Fathers House you will be required to obey the laws of His Kingdom.  No lawbreaker shall enter His realm.   Seek to learn about His laws of His Kingdom that you be prepared to return and abide in your Fathers House.  You must learn obedience and by placing His words in your hearts, be led by eternal truth which leadeth to righteousness.

If I were walking among you in my body and would tell you that you must be more righteous than those who profess a belief in me but ignore my commandments, would you hear me?  Would you understand that I require your total commitment to my Kingdom?  A law that cannot be broken is that you must be clean yea sanctified before you can enter into my rest.

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death.  There are many Satan has beguiled into following worldly pursuits in collecting Saints and building buildings and performing an outward show of worship.  But I say unto you each one of my disciples, do not be misled!  My Kingdom is not in numbers nor buildings nor in wealth or worldly success, but my Kingdom is in surrender to truth, embracing it with passion and from that truth and light my love shall radiate out to the lost souls that languish in selfishness and sin.  Think not that prayers without commitment will availeth you anything.  Dead works and hollow prayers cannot build my Kingdom.  Numbers of people who gather, yet sleep on will not build my Kingdom.  Awake all ye who will enter in.  Cast off this deep sleep that you have allowed the Adversary to cast over you and come out of Babylon the Great.  She shall perish suddenly and you must come apart if you will be mine.   I have called upon my Saints to not be beguiled by her enticing ways.

Seek to enter in at the strait Gate and do not think you  can bring your cherished ways that are contrary to my laws into my Kingdom.  Leave it, for it defileth my people.  Cast off all that is contrary to my commandments and think not that you can disregard my words and still remain in my grace.

My love calls out for you across eternity.  Will you not come out of her and cleanse yourselves from her defiling ways?

I desire to set you down in my Fathers Kingdom and sup with you.  Blessed are all who hear and obey.   Amen