The seventies have not presumptuously taken authority unto themselves nor have they acted in the name of the Lord without being commanded to do so. In order to clarify why we are doing what we are doing we would like to share with you parts of a number of those revelations that we have received.

Our desire is for the church be set in order in compliance with the commandments, requirements and laws of God that we may move forward in the task of winning souls to Christ, to build up Zion and establish it’s righteousness.

Below are excerpts from among the revelations that contain information concerning setting the church in order.


June 6, 2000 Hold yourselves aloof from all other organizations for it is my will that you, at the proper time, take responsibility to set all things in order, beginning at the House of God. Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and I will open unto you. Amen.

July 14, 2000 It is my desire that you keep yourselves ready to respond to that which I will give you when the time is right. You have desired to act, and I understand your frustrations and impatience. Do not act before I command you. It is my will that all things be done in order and in time all things will be set in order. But before that time you must be patient and I will do my strange work. Strange because many will not understand it. But my Elect will understand.

July 21, 2000 My words do not go forth without cause and you must observe all my scripture if you are to go forward. There have been those who have been overzealous to bring forth that which is not of me. They shall fail to accomplish my purposes. The time is right for you to act in my name and call the Presidency and Twelve out of order. Leave the Bishopric in my hands. It is my will that you do this as soon as possible.

August 2, 2000 You are my instruments for bringing order to my house. Seek no more nor less than to bring forth that which was in my mind from the beginning, even Zion, which shall come forth out of all of my creations. A city of righteousness where my truth can abide, and my Spirit can abide also. Seek to bring forth my city and it’s righteousness and I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world.

September 12, 2000 My handmaidens must continue to take part in the tasks I have given you to perform. I am pleased with their response to the counsel I have given. If they will continue to support you, I will ask even more at their hands, for my work must go forth and many I have called to labor in my vineyard have left the work in the heat of the day. If you will hear my voice and heed all I tell you, though you are few in number, you shall grow into a multitude. And if you will set all things in order as I bring light and understanding to your minds and hearts, I will cause great things to come to pass by your hands.

October 27, 2000 Seek unto those whom I have called out of the world and set in my church; those who have been given authority of me to set in order all things. I have brought my Seventy out of troubled waters for this very purpose. And if you will, saith the Lord, heed their counsel, I will establish you once more as my people. Yea, I will bring you to fountains of living water and you may refresh your souls.

November 17, 2000 You of my Seventy have begun a great work and I am pleased with that which ye have done. Yet, this is only the beginning of that which I will require of you. Set my church and kingdom in order, and I will then be able to endow you from on high, for my kingdom must be established in righteousness and truth else it is not my kingdom, but the kingdom of man. Persevere in the cause you are engaged in and I have promised you to give you that light and guidance necessary to bring forth all that I desire of you. Keep yourselves ready to respond to the promptings of my Spirit, and I will cause your efforts to succeed without measure.

November 17, 2000 When the Quorum of Seventy called the Presidency and the Twelve out of order, the Seventy did this as the Third Presidency with my blessing and power. The members of the present Quorum of Seventy are the Presidency of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and have full authority of this name which is available to the six men in the Quorum of Seventy all being of equal status when acting as the Presidency in a business situation. You may choose a chairman and secretary to act at such a meeting. This is my requirement until the Seventy have fulfilled their work in calling the church into order. Welcome those who want to assist in the work that is before you.

January 16, 2001 And now to those who desire to serve me; those who have come together to learn of my holy pattern for the governing and building up of my people. I am pleased with your desire to serve me. I have promised you the talents and that light necessary to set all things in order. See that you accomplish all that I have called upon you to do. Study those words I have already given you and know that they are of me. Follow all that I have commanded you and my purposes will be accomplished in you. Many things are transpiring around you now that may not be apparent. I will bring those who will hear me to assist in your work at the proper time. Until then continue in the task I have given you and the foundation will be laid for my continued work. The work that I am requiring at your hands will be of great value to my people. Continue to move forward and look not to the right nor to the left, for it is you that I have given this work, and no other. In time others will come, but be patient in this thing, for it is I who will bring them and call them to the work.

March 10, 2001 I will instruct you concerning the setting in order of my church and Kingdom when all things are in place and my people are ready to receive you. Fear not that my works will be frustrated for there is no hand that can stay my purposes and all my works and my words shall see fulfillment according to the words I have given my servants, the prophets from the beginning.

March 31, 2001 You have asked me for the next step in the process of bringing my people together. It is my will that all that you can do to bring light upon my word that has already gone forth is what is now required and witness wherever the opportunity permits. Then when my people begin to respond be prepared to include them in your number and enter them on the roles of my faithful Saints, for what you do now and bind now shall be recognized and recorded in heaven. It will be yet a little while and my church and kingdom will be set in order, but many must rally to the cause if you are to go forward in my desire to establish all as at first.

April 25, 2001 Ten years ago I gave a commandment to my servant, Norman Page, to begin the process to set my church in order. Those who responded to my call were commanded to follow my pattern. They instead disregarded my commandments and followed the traditions of men and brought my church to shame. Shall I count this disobedience lightly? Woe unto them who would harm my little ones.

May 19, 2001 It is my will that you build up the Quorum of Seventy. I will guide you to those who I have chosen to serve me. I have given you authority over my people and when I reveal to my Presidents of Seventy those whom I have called to serve, you are authorized to ordain those whom I call as Seventies, and all other officers in my church. You are called to act in the place of the First Presidency until the church is set in order. It is my will that you build up the Quorum of Seventy and strive to be of one mind, teaching each other that all may be in unity. The task before you is great and I will reward the faithful with the crown of everlasting life in my Kingdom.

October 25, 2001 I have called Robert MacDonald to be a father to my church and he will bring that which I have given him for the benefit of my children. He has been faithful to my word even though loyalties of some around him have shifted and some have lost their way. Let him lift up his voice in my church and assist in the work I have given my Seventy to set all things in order.

January 21, 2002 Set my church in order. Warn my Saints to exercise their agency wisely if they are to take part in my kingdom. There are those who continue to lead my people by the precepts of men and will use any means in an attempt to exert authority over them. It is my will that you, my Seventies, speak out against those with vain ambitions who have been blinded by taking power unto themselves. Speak out with your voices as you have opportunity. Speak out in written correspondence. Inform my Saints of their choices and these choices are: to serve me their God, or to serve the mammon of this world…………… Continue to pray for those who have been led astray, and set your times to fast. I have given them of my Spirit, but many have become poor stewards over the blessings I have poured out upon them. If you should be mistreated or abused do not retaliate, but submit yourselves to my care and I will be with you. Do not enter into contention with them, but from this day forth show unfeigned love for them and express your desire to be their friends. Communicate to them that you seek no power over them but have been given power and authority of me to set the church in order.

I say unto you they cannot survive if they do not return to the pattern I have given in my scriptures and which I have clarified in part in the book (Book of the Law of the Lord), I caused you to bring forth.

March 31, 2003 Fear not to espouse my cause and to come near unto me. I will strengthen your faith and uphold you in your efforts to serve me. My word that has gone forth unto the children of men has never failed. If you will feed upon my word it will nourish your soul and prepare in you that foundation that cannot be moved.

It is my will that you set apart Forrest Alderman to serve me in the office of the Presiding Bishop of my church. He has prepared throughout his life to serve me and his preparation is acceptable before me.

And unto my beloved servant Robert MacDonald: Though you have felt yourself unworthy many times, I say unto you, I have accepted your repentance and you have sufficiently humbled yourself before me and as a father and Presiding Patriarch in my church, your preparation will provide the fatherly wisdom that my children require. Continue in service to me and your reward is sure.

May 4, 2003 Continue your efforts to organize and build up my church. If you will heed the council I gave to my servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., when I reestablished my authority on earth, you will move forward in the power that I administered through him to move my church forward. Much of what I gave him is not recorded as scripture, but is contained in the day to day guidance I gave unto him in the days of the beginning of my Latter Day restoration. Seek out those truths that are available in history, but beware some of the histories have been changed to promote the desires of men. My Spirit will bear witness to the truth and to the error of those records.

I desire that the Elders of my church gather together often to prepare the way for my church to move forward. I have allotted a period of time for you to accomplish the tasks I have given you. Be faithful and use your time prudently.