Districts, Unorganized Areas

The World

Line of Responsibility in the Unorganized Areas

“The quorums in respect to authority are designed to take precedence in office as follows: The Presidency, the Twelve, the Seventy in all meetings and gatherings of the membership, where no previous organization has been effected. Where organization has been arranged and officers have been ordained and set in order; the standing ministry in their order; high priests, elders, priests, teachers, and deacons, the parallels are: in the Presidency, the President and his counselors; in the second presidency, the Twelve; in the missionary work, first the Twelve, second, the Seventy; in the standing ministry, the Presidency, second, the high priests; third, the elders, then priests, teachers, and deacons in their order.” D&C 122:9a-c

All areas that are not under Stake or Center Place, (Church Headquarters Organization) are considered unorganized areas and are the responsibility of the three quorums provided by law to set all things in order.

The Presidency

The Twelve

The Seventy

This encompasses the world. The Twelve under the direction of the Presidency, and the Seventy under the direction of the Twelve, are commanded to go into all the world to preach the fullness of the gospel of the Kingdom, and to organize God’s church and kingdom throughout the world. This is done by setting all things in order and in conformity with the laws God has given his church. These quorums, Presidency, Twelve, and Seventy have full authority, (the keys), to set all things in order and to ordain and fill all priesthood offices for the various stake priesthood functions. Full order is achieved when a stake organization is completed. The missionaries are then to move on, leaving the organized area to the standing ministry, and repeat the process until the world is filled with God’s Saints.

“The Twelve and Seventy administering as those prosecuting the work of preaching with the warning voice, baptizing, organizing and setting in order, then pushing their ministry into other fields until the world is warned.” D&C 122:8c